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X-Rite i1Display Pro | New Review by TechRadar


by Brenda K. Hipsher – February 24th, 2012

X-RIte i1Display Pro

Rated 4 stars by TechRadar.com

X-Rite i1Display Pro continues to garner high praise around the world in review after review for it’s innovative design, i1Profiler software, and excellent results.  X-Rite i1 Display Pro is also compatible with Eizo’s Color Navigator software as well as NEC’s SpectraView II software.

This week TechRadar.com reviewed i1Display Pro and once again has produced a highly rated review on the product. TechRadar.com is the online presence of Future Publishing Limited, a UK based consumer technology news and reviews publisher. They vow to tell you what they think “without fear or favour.

They understand the importance of calibrating and profiling monitors for photographers.  The bottom line is that unless you perform this simple but necessary function, your color management workflow does not exist. It’s literally ground zero for good color in digital photography. Whether you simply view your photography to simply evaluate what you shot or do extensive finishing and manipulation, without calibrating and profiling your monitor you have no idea whether what you’re seeing on the screen bears any relation to what is actually in the file you’re viewing.   Here’s just a small portion of the article, “Calibrating your monitor ensures that it displays colours and tones exactly as they should be, and many devices to suit all budgets exist for the task. The X-Rite i1 Display Pro is one of the latest additions to the X-rite stable, and it’s billed as the world’s first spectrally calibrated colourimeter.” CLICK HERE to read the entire article X-Rite i1Display Pro Review by TechRadar.com.

Factory spectral calibration ensures that your i1Display Pro will come to you ready to work for you every day keeping your monitors and projectors producing color, luminance, and contrast as accurately as the particular display possibly can produce it. It also insures that if you have more than one i1Dispaly Pro in your studio, office, school, or other environment you’ll have excellent agreement between multiple instruments.

X-Rite’s i1Display Pro uses new i1Profiler software making it the top of the line professional device for display calibration both monitors and projectors. It’s blazing fast speed measures 5x faster than previous devices and includes quality assurance checks, Pantone Color Manager, Flare Correct, Ambient Light Smart control and much, much more. i1Display Pro’s custom designed RGB filter set and new optical design give you excellent color matching across monitor technologies and is specifically compatible with new wide gamut display technology.

We think you will agree with TechRadar.com’s conclusion, “X-Rite i1 Display Pro is an ideal solution for those photography and design and creative professionals who need to quickly calibrate their computer displays with little fuss.” We like that. No fuss. Just results. Learn more about i1Display Pro in the video below.


If you prefer ease of use and a lower investment cost also have a look at ColorMunki Display. You’ll get the same great instrument architecture and color engine in an easy to use software package and all at a lower investment cost. It’s perfect for anyone on a budget who wants X-Rite’s world class quality.

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite!Whether you choose i1Display Pro or ColorMunki Display you’ll have X-Rite’s color management expertise to back you up. Learn more about why calibrating and profiling your displays is so important by reading our recent article The First Step | Calibrate and Profile your Monitor. Keep reading the blog for more information on all facets of color management for digital photographers.

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Get your color management under control with color management solutions form X-rite. Stop Guessing. Start Knowing.



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