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Coloratti Greg Gorman Wins Lucie Award


by Brenda K. Hipsher – October 17th, 2012

Coloratti Greg Gorman picked up this year’s Lucie Award for Portraiture.  The Lucie AwardsX-Rite Coloratti Greg Gorman Wins Lucie Award are given each year at a gala honoring master photographers and their contributions to the field of photography. They honor the highest achievements in photography. It’s no wonder that Greg Gorman was chosen.

Here is just an excerpt of his page on the Lucie Foundation website: “For over four decades, Greg Gorman has continued to master the art of photography.  From personality portraits and advertising campaigns to magazine layouts and fine art work, Mr. Gorman has developed and showcased a discriminating and unique style in his profession.

Greg Gorman’s work documents that peculiar obsession of the 20th century celebrity.  His photography is timeless and not confined to has-beens, hot properties, and wannabes.  Each shot gives a picture of human nature in its infinite range.  Each picture is also a testament to the individual character. ‘For me a photograph is most successful when it doesn’t answer all the questions,’ says Gorman, ‘and it leaves something to be desired.’”

Greg Gorman‘s work makes us want to know more.  His portraits reveal an intimacy that is at once attractive and frightening in intensity. Looking at a Greg Gorman portrait is like hearing a secret between friends. You know it’s not the whole story but you’re very sure you have an insight that is special and compelling.

His unique style is not confined to only black and white or color work. He doesn’t work exclusively in nudes or other motifs.  His work is certainly not confined even to portraiture. From his “We the People” series to his commercial and advertising work, his distinctive style is ever present giving us a special and particular view that only Greg Gorman sees.

Enjoy the video below that was presented at the Lucie Awards.  You’ll hear not only what people say about his photography but what they say about him. He’s one of a kind. Filmmaker Audrey Wells says it best, “When Greg shoots a celebrity he finds their humanity. And when he shoots a regular human he finds their glamor.”

Greg Gorman uses X-Rite color management solutions to make sure his images are right from capture to view to print.  Master photographers like Greg don’t make their magic happen with guess work and trial and error. Her controls his workflow so that he can be sure that what he sees in his minds eye is what he can produce in a printed piece whether it’s a magazine ad or a fine art print. Learn more about workshops where you can study with Greg in his studio in Mendicino, California.  These unique opportunities let you learn from Greg and other master photographer friends that join him there.  Check out the Workshops page on Greg’s website at www.gormanphotography.com.

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