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ColorMunki Display or i1Display Pro?


by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 30th, 2012

We get a lot of questions about which of these two solutions one should purchase: ColorMunki Display or i1Display Pro. And the answer is always a definitive “it depends!” First let’s look at what is the same about these two solutions.

The hardware for both of these devices is identical with two exceptions. The body of the devices are different colors and the i1Display Pro measures up to 5x faster than conventional colorimeters.  Both of these devices feature the newly designed colorimeter from X-rite giving you enhanced color accuracy and repeatability.

These new colorimeters feature:

i1Display Pro and ColorMunki Display profile montors and projectors•New optical system – large lens that allows for a larger sample on the screen and the ability to take a measurement with the device off the screen using Flare Correct®.
•New filter technology – that allows the device to preform better and last longer.
•Spectral calibration architecture – performed at the factory for better intra-instrument agreement. This is particularly important in environments using multiple instruments.
•Supports modern LCD display technologies – LCD, White LED, RGB LED, Wide Gamut, and more. Both devices can be upgraded in the field as newer technologies become available.
•Supports digital projectors – the ability to profile a projector can be the difference in a color correct, impressive presentation or apologizing the entire evening because the image from the projector doesn’t match your screen. If you don’t profile your projector now you’ll be amazed and the difference.
•Intelligent form factor – The small, light weight, easy to carry device design makes it and easy to carry perfect travel companion.


Additionally, the color engine in both ColorMunki Display software and i1Profiler is the same color engine. So you can trust profiles made from both devices in each distinctive software program to be professional quality profiles for any level of use.

So how are these two devices different?  Well we’ve already mentioned one difference… the i1Display Pro measures up to 5x faster than conventional colorimeters. But let’s look a little deeper into the differences.

ColorMunki Display software is wizard driven and very easy to use. While it does give the user some degree of control over settings it is really designed for simplicity of use. As we said before the color engine that produces the profile in each software program is the same so you can expect professional quality results from ColorMunki Display. It just doesn’t have all the “bells and whistles.”

i1Profiler, the software that drives the i1Display Pro, offers nearly endless combinations of choices for settings in the advanced mode. Make custom patch sets using small, medium, or large base patches. Add colors captured from the device or from the Pantone Color Manager to the patch set. And load an image into the software to see the color palette extracted from the image and added to the patch set.  When these large patch sets are used the increased measurement speed becomes a real plus.

You’ll also enjoy special features like Quality Assurance that allows you to evaluate a profile after it has been created.  Uniformity check gives you the ability to evaluate the uniformity of white point and luminance on 9 different measured points on your screen. And Trending allows you to track the changes in your monitor over time.

Versions of i1Profiler 1.3 and beyond offer video presets that give you the option to profile your monitor for video editing using NTSC, PAL-SECAM, or Rec. 709 presets. Your video editing can move a step closer to broadcast quality monitors giving you an edge for video editing.

Uniformity check measure 9 patches to evaluate the uniformity of white point and luminance across the screen

One more addition for the i1Disaplay Pro device is compatibility with NEC SpectraView II and Eizo Color Navigator software. These propietary software programs can get into the hardware and automatically make changes that used to require manual adjustment. The retail version of the i1Display Pro is recognized by both SpectraView II and Color Naivigator. This allows you to use the same device for your wide gamut monitors using their propietary software and use i1Profiler software for your laptop or other displays that don’t utilize the NEC or Eizo software. And you’ll be able to profile projectors with that same device.

sSo… it depends on your particular needs. If you want a wizard driven, easy to use solution choose ColorMunki Display.  If you’re a color geek or just someone who wants to have all the settings available then choose i1Display Pro. If you want those special video presets or plan to use a device with SpectraView II or Color Navigator you’ll also want to choose i1Display Pro. And if you’re someone who routinely edits video choose i1Display Pro and get the video presets for popular video formats.

Either way you get the most advance colorimeter on the market today with a newly designed color engine in the software giving you the best quality profile possible.

To see a comparison of features on all X-Rite Photo solutions for digital photographers CLICK HERE to download a PDF.
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8 responses to “ColorMunki Display or i1Display Pro?”

  1. Stefan K. says:

    Wit wizard driven display model my screen is just to warm for photography, i need always to re-adjust photos before posting them as on other computer they will be way to blue.
    Can i ajdust warmth in ipro model wih various setting ?

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Yes you can adjust the Kelvin temperature of your monitor profile. Remember that the recommended default for photo editing is 6500K which is the industry standard. Many monitors that are not profiled can run between 7500K and 9300K. Remember that you are setting your monitor to an industry standard that is in use for designer, printers, web developers and the like world wide when you use 6500K. If someone with a “blue” monitor views your photos and they are blue you simply cannot and probably should not account for that.

  2. John Siebel says:

    Does the i1 Display Pro offer the same “wizard” option as the Colormunki Display? For those times when one wants ease of use and brevity.

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      i1 Profiler software does have a “Basic” mode. It is not quite as wizard driven at the ColorMunki Display software but it is much more streamlined than the Advanced mode.

  3. D Smith says:

    The i1 Display pro does not support Mac 10.13, but the ColorMunki does. Pity it has not kept up with technology.

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