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ColorMunki Smile on Ronmartblog.com


by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 5th, 2012

ColorMunki Smile has taken off and this week it landed on our friend Ron Martinsen’s blog at Ronmartblog.com. Ron showcases ColorMunki Smile and also gives you links to other articles he’s written on other ColorMunki Family and X-Rite i1 solutions to help you decide which device is the right device for you!

X-Rite ColorMunki SmileColorMunki Smile was introduced at Photokina in September 2012.  It is an entry level device that allows you to profile your computer monitors so that colors will display accurately on your computer screen.  This solution is perfect for photo enthusiasts, hobbyists, designers, gamers, anyone who wants to see color accurately on their computer monitor. And after all, who doesn’t want to see accurate color?

If you need a more advanced solution for preparing files for printing, profiling monitors and projectors, or even making printer profiles and camera profiles you’ll want to check out the great line of professional level solutions from X-Rite.  Learn more at www.xritephoto.com about ColorMunki Family solutions, i1Display Pro and i1Pro 2 spectrophotometer solutions, and ColorChecker targets. CLICK HERE to download this quick overview comparison chart.

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite!You can also learn more about X-Rite solutions by reviewing our archived webinars or registering for an upcoming live webinar.  Be sure to follow @xritephoto on Twitter and “Like” X-Rite Photo on Facebook to keep up with everything that’s new from X-Rite. Color perfectionists want control of their color workflow. Isn’t it time you stop guessing and start knowing?

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14 responses to “ColorMunki Smile on Ronmartblog.com”

  1. Francois Roelant says:

    I have a problem since i installed windows 8 on my PC . The smile cannot be found anymore at the end of running the program. Are there already new drivers for the smle availeble?

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Please contact cmsupport@xrite.com. We want to help solve your issue and we also want to document all situations so that we can provide the very best support possible for all our color management solutions.
      Please let us know here is you have any difficulty getting this issue corrected. And we always enjoy knowing how the story ends.
      Brenda K. Hipsher

  2. Tom Jackson says:

    I have the same problem. Smile works on Windows 7 (x64), but can’t find the driver in Windows 8 (x64). (Even when I manually place the driver from Windows 7 in the same location in Windows 8, it still can’t find the driver.)

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Please contact cmsupport@xrite.com. We want to solve your issue as quickly as possible and we would like to have this documented as well. Please let us know how this works out. We are very interested to make sure your problem is solved.
      Brenda K. Hipsher

  3. David Crouchley says:

    I’m having a similar issue – except in my case the hardware is found, however the actual software will not launch.

    I’ve placed a support request and will let you know if it is resolved.

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Great David. Please be sure to let us know how this is resolved. We want to make sure that your issues are solved and you’re on to using the solutions without technical difficulties!
      Happy New Year!
      Brenda K. Hipsher

      • David Crouchley says:

        All resolved.
        win 8 64.
        I have my os on the c: and most programs on the D: drive.
        Installing the Color Munki software on D did not appear to work and it had installed components in “program files” and “program files (x86)”

        A full uninstall, remove from registry and manually removed any remaining files.
        Then re-installed to “c:\program files (x86)” and all was well, though the shortcut on the start tile still pointed at the d: drive.
        Running from the actual program file worked without any troubles

      • David Crouchley says:

        To add to my last post the support was excellent once I got it, I put the original request on the 26th December and got help on the 24th Jan (assume support was down for a holiday break.

        • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

          Perhaps but we certainly are sorry for the long delay. I’m very pleased to hear that you did get the help in the end.
          Brenda K. Hipsher

  4. Anthony Lasam says:

    Anyone above able to get your ColorMunki Smile to work on Windows 8 x64? I just bought mine today and I cannot get it to run.

  5. Adam Jedrzejewski says:

    I have Windows 8 64-bit and try to install driver for ColorMunki Smile.
    I can’t do it because of error: “File .INF isn’t digitally signed”.
    Is there anyone who could install ColorMunki on Windows 8 64-bit?

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