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Learn Lightroom | NEW eBook from Coloratti Jerry Courvoisier


by Brenda K. Hipsher – November 12th, 2012

Coloratti Jerry Courvoisier is active in photographer education through his LightroomWorkshops.com tutorials, workshops, and books. The latest offering from Jerry Courvoisier is an innovative new eBook called

Learn Lightroom: Organizing Your Photographic Life

I downloaded the eBook as soon as I learned about it. It’s only $1.99 and I wanted to experience it on my brand new retina display iPad. Jerry’s “Learn Lightroom” eBook is beautiful, easy to use, and just packed with information.  This eBook includes audio recording, embedded videos, beautiful photos, and hot links to even more in depth information. It’s beautifully organized and just a delight to read and experience.

Learn Lightroom eBook by Jerry CourvoisierThis is the first of a series of four eBooks in the “Learn Lightroom” series. This one concentrates on the Library as well as other topics such as setting up your workspace. I caught up with Jerry a few days ago to talk with him about the new “Learn Lightroom” eBook.

Listen to the audio interview below:

I asked Jerry why he began with the chapter called Setting Up Your Workspace.  “Well I think it’s critical to the whole process,” Jerry said.  “Being comfortable in your workspace as well as having a calibrated monitor to work with. You can’t really make changes to any images in Lightroom without having a calibrated monitor because it is a visual process. If your monitor is not calibrated it’s potentially a problem because you could be making changes to your images on screen that really may not reflect what you get on the output side.” He talks about the importance of a comfortable environment and how that affects productivity and enjoyment.

Because the book is so beautiful and chocked full of media I imagined that the design and production of something like this would be incredibly expensive and require programmers and who knows what else.  Jerry explained to me that this eBook is built on Blurb’s new eBook Editor.  He worked with a designer to create and edit the information, but putting it all together and publishing it was as easy as uploading the Book to Blurb,  then within the online  “Blurb eBook editor” upload and  insert  the media (videos and audios files)  via a drag and drop to the locations or place holders within the book.  Amazing!

Learn Lightroom by X-Rite Coloratti Jerry Courvoisier

As Jerry says, “It’s the wave of the future…. It’s good content at a reasonable price.” Download your copy and start enjoying all the great info today! Learn-Lightroom.com

Learn Lightroom: Organizing Your Photographic Life

Book 1 (enhanced ebook) by Jerry Courvoiser

Learn Lightroom for the cost of a cup of coffee. Introductory Offer for a limited time $1.99. Click the links below to purchase from Blurb.com or on the iTunes iBookstore.

ebook, (iBooks for iPad and iPhone format) at Blurb.com

Enhanced ebook is now listed in the iBookstore at Apple.

Learn Lightroom Book 1 provides a new perspective on grasping the essential elements of this application. Jerry focuses on developing the user’s confidence to engage with the program in a way that produces an effective and efficient workflow quickly. Learn Lightroom will assist you in enjoying the photography process that fits with your approach to photography. The book X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite!includes 73 pages of reference materials, resource web links and 14 “How To” videos that will have you working in Lightroom’s Library without a glitch.

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