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“The Photographer’s Workflow” by Coloratti Gavin Gough


by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 23rd, 2012

PW2Wangdicholing Dzong, Jakar, BhutanX-Rite Coloratti Gavin Gough has just published a new book this month called “The Photographer’s Workflow: A Practical Guide to Digital Post-Production Using Lightroom 4.” It’s a 10 step guide to establishing a reliable and consistent digital photography workflow. All 130 pages are packed with information you start using immediately.

Bonus items included with the eBook:

65 Lightroom Development Presets to help give your processing a more consistent linear structure.
A series of Lightroom Smart Collestions which build a step-by-step workflow for managing digital photographs.
Links to a series of free, online video tutorials.

Not only is the information well presented and easy to understand, the ebook is beautiful and interesting to look at. My favorite is Step 4: Colour Management.  This chapter begins with X-Rite’s Color IQ test so you can determine you color vision. Of course we recommend you do this on a calibrated and profiled monitor for best results. Gavin also talks about the importance of monitor profiling using X-Rite color management solutions like i1Display Pro. He also is  a fan of the ColorChecker Passport that allows for custom profiles for each camera body and lighting condition that you’ll be shooting in. ColorChecker Passport utilizes a plug-in for Lightroom that makes using it simple and easy saving you hours of time color matching photos from different cameras, getting the white balance right, and making sure that the sensors in your cameras are producing color to their very best possible ability using a custom camera profile.

Check out the two videos below to preview the book “The Photographer’s Workflow” and see ColorChecker Passport in use in the second video below.

Photographer’s Workflow Introduction.mp4 from Gavin Gough on Vimeo.


Get your copy today. This is a lot of information at an investment cost you’ll like. Go on over to “The Photographers Workflow” at www.gavingough.com to order yours and download today. Take the 10 steps to a better digital color workflow to help you save time and money in 2013 all while improving your photography in Lightroom 4.

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