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Look Fabulous Tour | Fashion Flair with Lou Freeman and Lindsay Adler


by Brenda K. Hipsher – March 25th, 2013

LookFabulousThere’s a new educational tour coming to a city near you! The 33 city  Look Fabulous Tour featuring Lindsay Adler and Lou Freeman is in full swing. Lindsay and Lou are two women who have a lot to teach everyone who attends these great events. Both are accomplished in their field and are gifted instructors. Look Fabulous is not your usual educational tour. There’s a lot available to you at every stop on the tour.

All day Master Classes are offered limited to 12 people per instructor. This 9:00am – 5:00pm day is packed with instruction for utilizing multiple studio lighting set-ups and a location shooting module as well. An evening seminar is also offered from 6:00pm – 10:00pm. These 4 hour evenings are also packed with additional lighting techniques, and modules on social networking, difficult light, posing techniques and verbal directions and much more.


Lou Freeman

“You get two creative minds and you get two approaches to photography,” says Lindsay. “A majority of people jumping into the career of photography are women, yet they have very few roles models for success. The majority of photo educators are men, and while still completely valid educators, women need role models and educators to relate to their lives and perspectives.” Lou agrees saying, “Women seem to be looking for simpler, lighter solutions and with high creative value. Lindsay and I help validate their decisions to proceed as photographers.”

Lest you think this seminar is for women only, these women can be hard core gear heads, too! They walk you through using high quality equipment and how to get your business going once your creative and artistic vision is accomplished. Both the evening seminars and the all day Master Class uses X-Rite color management solutions, Profoto lighting, Sekonic meters, PocketWizard triggering devices, and all packed and carried in Tenba bags and carry gear.”We both value quality gear,” says Lou. “Lindsay and I are teaching a full blown, from the ground up solution to Fashion, Glamour, and Lifestyle photography. We teach photography, creativity and the business of doing business as well.”

lindsay copy

Lindsay Adler

What’s special about this particular tour besides being taught by two super successful women photographers working in the field everyday? “We offer a perfect blend of inspiration and practical education,” said Lindsay.  “Between the two of us, we pour out our hearts, souls and years of knowledge and experience. We want to save you time and help you become better photographers. We teach you how to come up with ideas, gather what you need to execute those ideas, how to light using strobes and speedlights, and even how to retouch.”

I asked Linday what advice she would give someone who is considering attending one of the Master Classes or Seminars on the tour. “These Master Classes and seminars are not geared toward people trying to be fashion photographers,” she said. “Instead we’re looking to help photographers who want to infuse their work with more creative, high-impact techniques. We take our knowledge and experiences in fashion photography and show you how to apply them to your own work! Today everyone has a camera, and you need to stand out from your competition.”

Hear more about what both Lou Freeman and Lindsay Adler have to say about Look Fabulous Tour in this short video.

X-Rite is proud to be a sponsor of this event. “I use ColorChecker Passport on every set,” said Lou Freeman and Lindsay Adler accented the absolute necessity of using color management in a professional workflow. “In the realm of fashion photography, color management is beyond essential,” she said. “I must have exact color for my client.” Be sure to register for the Look Fabulous Tour. Check the website www.lookfabuloustour.com to see when Lindsay and Lou will be in a city near you! Women, men, young, or more seasoned in your career, this tour has something that will spark your creativity with new techniques for your photos.

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