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by Brenda K. Hipsher – April 9th, 2013

X-Rite is proud to be a part of Connect 2013 Palm Springs Photo Festival.  We will be in the exhibit area Monday-Thursday profiling your laptops and talking with you about all things color management. Be sure to catch X-RITE Presents: DEMYSTIFYING & UNDERSTANDING COLOR SPACES, PROFILES & CALIBRATION with R. MAC HOLBERT on Tuesday morning 8:45-10:00. This is one of the many seminars available to attendees. We are so happy to have Mac presenting this program sponsored by X-Rite. If you haven’t registered do it today!

APRIL 28 – MAY 3

Participate in Americas Most Talked-About Photography Event for Emerging, Professional and Advanced Amateur Photographers


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Travel & Hotels

Our Sponsors

The winner of the Palm Springs Photo Festival NO-FEE SLIDE SHOW CONTEST will receive a brand new CANON EOS 6-D with 24-105mm lens!

Additional prizes from X-Rite, Think Tank, Blurb, Lowepro and others.

Deadline extended until Monday, April 16!

Send us your slide shows and have the possibility of your work being seen by the entire festival including all of our faculty / influencers in the Annenberg Theater of the Palm Springs Art Museum!


We’ve added an amazing workshop on printing Alternative Processes!_____________________________________________



Time is running out to be pre-registered for this prestigious program.

Deadline to be able to choose & prioritize Portfolio Reviews: 9:00am, Friday April 12th.

After April 12th at 9:00am PST, only remaining reviews will be available


Only 80 photographers may participate in this program. Present your work to hundreds of faculty, attendees and sponsors in addition to the general public in the Grand Salon of the Hyatt Regency, our Attendee Headquarters hotel on opening day.We have only a few places left!


Deadline: April 18th.

If you’re a graduate student or recent graduate of a recognized graduate photography program, you could receive a $500 check from one of our sponsors to attend one of our four-day workshops!

The Palm Springs Photo Festival is where you can spend three exhilarating days with a celebrated, real-world master photographer and two days presenting your work to industry experts and attending important seminars. Come meet new friends and walk away with a renewed passion for photography!



The Palm Springs Photo Festival Portfolio Review

is the nation’s most comprehensive review program for both commercial and fine-art photographers. We will offer over 1300 Portfolio Reviews with the industrys most important influencers including museum curators, gallery directors, magazine editors, picture editors & art directors, photographer’s agents, advertising agency creatives and more. This is the opportunity to have face time with people who can not only offer expert advice, but can change your career as well.

The first 100 pre-registered attendees in the Portfolio Review Program will automatically be eligible to be included in the Palm Springs Photo Festival Blurb Sourcebook! This is a beautifully printed 7×7″ source book given to each of our 80 reviewers. Each photographer has a full page to display one image and contact information.

This year, for the first time, we will close the portfolio review program when we have filled the designated number of reviews available. Being pre-registered guarantees you will be able to see the number of reviewers you wish.





If you are considering entering our extraordinary workshop program – don’t wait until the last minute; some will fill in the next weeks. Register now to assure your place. These classes are filling quickly:



Fine Art Photography


ROGER BALLEN: Fine Art Photography Master Class

This workshop represents a very rare occasion to study for several days with one of the most influenti fine art photographers working today.
During the days of this workshop, students will immerse themselves in the making of photographs, review and critiques in order to help clarify how to take the next step and find their own path in fine art photography.

RALPH GIBSON: The Fine Art Nude

Veteran photographer Ralph Gibson has returned to the nude throughout his career – photographed in hundreds of locales yet the images fit into a recognizable body of work. Watch him work with models. He will discuss the nude in the history of photography, posing the model, finding models, honing your vision.


FRANK OCKENFELS III: Signature Portraiture

Spend three days working and learning from one of the most unique risk-taking editorial portrait photographers in the business today. “This workshop will serve as a reminder of why we take pictures. We will explore looking at and playing with natural light, alternative lights and lights we find at night. It is a hands-on workshop where I will guide students through my methods; how I see, work and find light. This is not a conventional studio class; strobe and hot lights will not be addressed.”
Frank’s class fills fast – so don’t delay if you would like to register.

Photojournalism & Documentary Photography
ASHLEY GILBERTSON: Photojournalism & Working on Assignment

FLASH! Ashley’s workshop will have access to the MARCH AIR FORCE BASE to make documentary and environmental portraits! This workshop will explore the multifaceted approaches to photojournalism and assignment photography and help guide you on your own path. Participants will learn what is required of a photojournalist, not just in the field but also when it comes to having work published and how to get your work known. Developing a personal sensitivity and visual style will be emphasized and Gilbertson will encourage you to work using your instinct rather than formula. Portfolio reviews will guide each person’s narrative direction and then be developed through assignments given during the workshop. You will leave with a clearer understanding of your next step and be well along the way to defining your personal path forward.

Ashley is a member of the VII Photo Agency.

STEPHEN WILKES: Narrative & The Big Picture

In this unique workshop, Stephen Wilkes, world renowned for his fine art, large format, large scale photography will discuss how he goes about wrangling so much content into the frame of his photograph. He will talk about how his subtextual use of narrative helps him to “find his picture.” Photographing large scenes as he does requires a very unique skill-set. Wonder why large landscape scenes can look breathtaking in reality but so very boring in photographs? Wilkes brings his concentration on narrative to bear on solving the problem of how to capture “the Big Pictures” that he’s famous for. He will take his class to the famous and surreal Salton Sea among other exotic locales.

Beauty & Fashion

RJ MUNA: Lighting for Beauty & Fashion

An Awesome Class! A master of lighing will demonstrate the technique that have won him over 150 prestigious awards. Participants will presented with not only the “how” of lighting for beauty and fashion but the “why” as well. Shooting with models in the studio, we will explore a with a wide variety of lighting techniques that that will help attendees understand what kinds of lighting to use to achieve a desired effect. We will cover not only RJ’s lighting techniques but how he poses and works with a model. We will cover how and when to use post-production techniques that will enhance the effect of the final image. Time will be equally divided between shooting and discussion / critique.


TIM GRIFFITH: Building Relationships

Over three and half days, this workshop will have access to a number of locations in Palm Springs, both residential and commercial in scale. Each will provide an opportunity to discuss and then put into practice, various approaches to illustrating the story of the design. During the practical sessions, discussion and demonstration of specific technical issues associated with both large and small format digital capture will be undertaken. This will include topics specific to architectural photography such as appropriate camera platform and lens selection, software solutions, and lighting solutions.


ANDY KATZ: Color in the Landscape

Sony Artisan of Imagery wizard Andy Katz leads this exciting workshop into the exotic desert regions adjacent to Palm Springs to photograph the color desert landscape and flora. The California desert area offers some of the finest opportunities for landscape photographers in the country. There will be field trips to nearby destinations such as Joshua Tree National Park, possibly the Salton Sea and other areas. Be ready for a sunrise expedition!

Alternative Processes

JILL ENFIELD: Alternative Processes: How to Combine Digital & 19th Century Technology to Make Extraordinary Albumen, Platinum/Palladium and Van Dyke Prints

Have you ever wanted to make beautiful one-of-a-kind collectible 19th century prints? In this fun, fascinating and informative workshop, renowned photographer / alternative process practitioner Jill Enfield will show attendees how to make Albumen, Platinum / Palladium and Van Dyke prints using a hybrid or digital and 19th century technologies. Students will make pictures, create the negatives necessary for printing and actually make prints from their work.




MALLORY MORRISON: Photographing Models Underwater

Mallory Morrison has made a name for herself photographing models in water for both commercial and fine art applications. Join her as she demonstrates her methods in both of the pools at Korakia Pensions (our workshop headquarters)! This will be an exciting introduction to working underwater. No diving gear is required. No prior experience is necessary. Learn how to create hauntingly beautiful, fresh and exciting images with surreal dream-like overtones.

FLETCHER MURRAY: The Basic DSLR Video Production Bootcamp

Join renowned instructor Fletcher Murray for these two, two-day classes and leave the festival with a solid overview of shooting motion video with DSLR cameras. The Basic DSLR Video Bootcamp is for novices and seasoned professional photographers and filmmakers who want to learn the Basics of professional DSLR filmmaking. This is the workshop we presented in cooperation with the Brooks Institute Workshop program and sold out at the 2012 Palm Springs Photo Festival. You’ll learn step by step, at your own speed, in a relaxed, hands on environment.

FLETCHER MURRAY: The Advanced DSLR Video Production Bootcamp

Day One of the Advanced filmmaking Workshop tells how to design and execute powerful moving images. You’ll learn how to prep a shoot – storyboards, shot selection, lens choices, camera support systems, lighting and pacing…all of it. There will be camera operation drills of documentary camera techniques and narrative film camera techniques. You’ll learn which shutter speeds will augment the action, how to use hand-held rigs, car mounts, jib arms and sliders.

Day Two you’ll explore the boundaries of your DSLR’s low light capability as we shoot scenes for a short film. We’ll show you how to use and augment existing light, and how to remove light for a more “cinema look”. The same professional crew from Day One will be there to assist you reaching your goals of achieving Canon Boot Camp’s Pro Level Two certification.


NELS ISRAELSON: Lighting Portraits in the Digital Era: Speak Softly & Carry a Hard Light.

This is an intensive one-day demonstration course rather than a shooting workshop. Nels will demonstrate how to expand your menu of dramatic, contrasty, high key lighting by gaining confidence in your own post-production processes. “In this workshop we’re not aiming for flattering soft shadows or perfect key-to-fill ratios. Instead we’ll play along the edge of the comfort zone with lighting designed for evocative mood, drama, and structure. Then we’ll head for the digital darkroom and look at some effective post-production tools to correct the down-side of moody lighting, such as rough skin textures and excess eye baggage.” Nels has photographed hundreds of movie posters in his long career.

Business of Photography
ART STREIBER: An Editorial Photography Crash-Course

Art Streiber speaks from experience: One of the most widely published photographers in America, he will devote this one-day class to two wide-ranging topics: Managing a Career in Editorial Photography and Marketing for the Editorial Photographer. He will answer dozens of the most often-asked questions photographers have in this changing platform of magazine photography. A must for all photographers seeking answers, guidance and direction in this extraordinary but changing field.


The Business of Photography is an amazing all-day Friday course covering the major facets of the relationships in the business of photography. There will be 7 different instructors including Jessica Johnston from the George Eastman Museum, Sandy Boss Febbo from Carmichael Lynch Agency, Denise Wolff from Aperture, Frank Meo from Meo Reps, Burt Finger from the Photos Do Not Bend Gallery in Dallas and others, each taking a turn discussing their special areas of expertise: The editorial relationship, the advertising agency / client relationship, the artist’s representative relationship, the book publisher relationship, the gallery relationship, the stock agency relationship. Understand how these business relationships work, how they are structured, how to protect yourself, how to know what needs to be in your bids and on your invoices. Instructors include real-world influencers from the advertising, editorial, gallery, book publishing, museum, stock agency and artist’s representative spheres of contemporary photography.





Creatively Promote your Photography: Monetizing & Maximizing Your Online Presence

Why Having a Clear Point of View Matters: Developing & Communicating Your Vision with Beth Taubner

Tools for Imagemakers: The Canon EOS System

X-Rite Presents: Demystifying Color Spaces, Profiles and Calibration with Mac Holbert

Selling Fine Art Prints in Today’s Digital Marketplace with Sara Distin

ASMP Presents: Social Media Marketing: The Astoundingly Simple Secrets

Final Cut X: How to Mix Motion, Stills & Audio into Short Films

Lightroom: The Creative Hub: Putting Lightroom to Work for You with Peter Krogh

Adobe Premiere: The Basics

Photoshop CS6: Essential Masking & Retouching Techniques with Ben Willmore

Photo Book Publishing: How to Get Your Photobook Published

How to Prepare & Present a Winning Estimate with Frank Meo

Digital Workflow for Fine Printing
with Mac Holbert

Producing Motion Video Using DSLR Cameras: The Business of Video with Gail Mooney

Fine Art: It’s a Business with Thomas Werner

ASMP Bestflow Presents: DAM! Digital Asset Management: with Peter Krogh

Finding & Hiring a Cinematographer: Provide Professional Motion Contend For Clients by Having Your Own Crew with Polly Morgan

Tools of Modern Storytelling: Physical & Digital Bookmaking for Photographers with Dan Milnor


REGISTER ONLINE NOW or call us at 1-800 928-8314 today.


Waiting to buy new equipment? Samy’s Camera will have a big Pop-Up store at PSPF, offering great discounts on all the coolest gear!


We have a limited quantity of Emerging Photographer

Click HERE for complete Emerging Scholarship information.

Need a Hotel? Click HERE.


Now is the time to make your decision to join us in the most exciting single week of photography available. Participate in our remarkable Workshop program, studying with celebrated, real world working photographers. Learn a tremendous amount of new information, essential to your work and career in our Seminar program. Attend important discussions about our current business environment at our daily Symposiums. Get your work in front of over 75 industry influencers in our celebrated Portfolio Review program (this year well offer over 1000 portfolio reviews!) and submit your work in our No Fee Slide Show Contest and possibly have your work projected for the entire festival audience as well as win great gifts from our sponsors.

Heres whats included in your $80 daily registration fee ($40 on Friday):

• Admittance to 5 or more Seminars during the week

• Our important daily Symposiums: The Business of Fine Art, Crowd-Sourcing: Funding Personal Projects and PDN Presents: Strategies for the Emerging Photographer

• Four Networking events with wine tastings from prominent California wineries L’Aventure & Cass Wines.

•Free access to our daily Mid-Day Lectures at the Palm Springs Art Museum

• Unlimited access to our Sponsor Headquarters. See the latest from Canon, Epson, Leica, Fuji, X-Rite, Squarespace, Academy University, ASMP, Pocket Wizard, Ilford, Sekonic, Tenba, Brooks Institute and the Samy’s Camera Pop-up-Store offering special festival discounts every day!

• Access to the Open Portfolio Review Sunday, April 28th at the Hyatt Regency. Over 80 photographers will present their work!

• Invitation to our Opening Reception immediately following our Open Portfolio Review.


Most importantly, you can join the community – meet like-minded people, exchange ideas, keep your work fresh and exciting. Were about the passion for photography. These are exciting times! Call us at 1-800 928 8314 for more information or go directly to our website at www.palmspringsphotofestival.com.

Courses fill quickly so REGISTER NOW!

See you in the desert!

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