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Creative Pro Show SUMMER SPECIAL EVENTS | Rome and Milan


by Clizia Capecchi – June 13th, 2013


After the successful fifth edition of Creative Pro Show, held in Rome last April, X-Rite Coloratti Martin Benes has already started organizing new exiting and exclusive workshops for the coming months.

The first date to note is June 16, 2013. You’ll learn how to get over your shyness and  take the situation in your hand with “The Art of Empathy and Shooting” workshop. Alessandro Rabboni will explain what to say and how to have more charisma to get those  spectacular images and create the right atmosphere including tricks and tips on how to pose the model, and much more.

Location of the event is Villa Ada – Rome, Italy – and the workshop is limited to only 8 participants so that each person gets personalized instruction.

Sign up today! Just click here >>  “REGISTER”

After the summer break, get ready  for the arrival of another international guest on September 21st: Lyubomir Sergeev, Advertising Photography & Compositing. This is an incredible and unique Master Class in which Lyubomir Sergeev, one of the best photographers in the trend advertising business, will explain how to make an image from capture to post production with a strong visual impact.


In the first part of the day he will shoot two subjects including a model, using techniques of high speed shooting. In the second part of the day he will move on to post-production and finalizing images in Photoshop.

This Master Class is dedicated to professional photographers who want to improve their knowledge of shooting and post production and also to amateur photographers who want to up their game in a decisive way. This Master Class is also recommended to digital artists who want to discover and learn how you shoot and prepare an image in post production including important techniques for compositing in Photoshop.

Location of the event is again beautiful Rome, Italy. More info CLICK HERE.

Just one week later, September 28th, Martin has organized another intensive Master Class with one of the best professionals in European digital imaging, Uli Steiger. This Master Class is for all those who are interested in 3D modeling and its integration with Photoshop. You will learn how to work with Cinema 4D; open to only 20 participants to ensure a “personal” approach and create a situation of total hands-on learning, establishing a relationship “one by one”.

We thank Martin Benes who puts together unique opportunities to learn from professionals working in the field.  Events are presented in Italian language, but all presentations will be translated live into English by an interpreter.

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite!

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