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ICA-DIT On-Set Dailies Workshop in LA featuring Von Thomas


by Brenda K. Hipsher – July 17th, 2013

VonThomasDITWkshpDigital Imaging Technician Von Thomas invites you to a two-day workshop in Los Angeles called ICA-DIT On-Set Dailies Workshop, July 27-28, 2013. Read Von’s article below on why this could be an important career move for you!

CLICK HERE to register for the event! Seats are limited.

ICA-DIT On-Set Dailies Workshop

by Von Thomas

Now that shooting on film has given way to shooting digital (file based) in film and TV industry.   The traditional labs (Kodak, Technicolor, Fotokem, Deluxe, etc), have became a bit unnecessary (and still pricey).  No longer does the film have to be scanned to digital file (telecined) before it could be manipulated and edited.  Now you can go straight from camera to view, color correct and edit on set, and that is where the DIT comes in.  The DIT, digital image technician, your on set lab, and first step in the post production process.

Due to the enormous evolution of digital in the past 3-4 years, there’s been a need for DIT’s on set backing up the footage, checking for errors, making DP approved adjustments, color correcting and producing dailies.  Dailies are unedited footage (digital motion files) shot during the making of a motion picture, TV show, web series or commercial.  Dailies are viewed by the director, the DP (director of photographer, aka cinematographer), and producers, typically the following day, or in some cases, the same day as an indication of how the filming and the actors’ performances are progressing.

The breakthroughs in computer hardware and software, along with the evolution and technology of the current crop of digital cinema cameras has made it possible for all of this to happen in real time.  The industry has moved so quickly workshops like mine are a necessary component to keep the learning curve within reach of those wanting to do this type of work.  Webinars, 1-3 hour seminars, full intense 2-3 day workshops are becoming the way for those wanting to learn, a way to quickly come up to speed, and compete for these sought after positions.

 Check out this video with Von talking about what a Digital Imaging Tech does in an on-set environment!

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