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Coloratti Nevada Wier Artist Video | Verve Gallery of Photography


by Brenda K. Hipsher – August 24th, 2013

© Michael Clark

© Michael Clark

One of the great pleasures of my work is meeting and talking with some of the most fascinating and talented photographers in the world. Nevada Wier is one of those people. I had the great pleasure of visiting with her and hearing her speak and show her work this year at New England Camera Club Council in Amherst, MA in July 2013.

A more gracious person I have never met and rarely have I met anyone more intense about recording her vision of the world and making sure that vision is carried all the way to the print.  Nevada is serious about color management and serious about ensuring that her work carries the emotion she captured all the way through the entire workflow. Every detail is important so its vital that she controls every detail. Constantly looking for the “unique image” her photography is her own point of view, her own color palette, her own vision of the world.

Based in Sante Fe, New Mexico she travels the world bringing back images that reflect the amazing diversity of life on the planet. From infrared images in Cuba and India to her stunning full color fine art prints Nevada Wier brings the world into focus for us to feast our eyes upon.

Take some time to enjoy her very interesting “Anatomy of a Photo” series on Nevada Wier Photography Blog. And enjoy this wonderful video from Verve Gallery of Photography.  “To me there’s nothing better than the love of art,” says Nevada. “Photography is my medium for expressing myself and I think all of us should have art in our lives and find a way to express ourselves in very creative ways.”  We are so happy that she expresses herself in ways that we can enjoy!


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