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Color Talk with Andy Williams


by Brenda K. Hipsher – September 22nd, 2013

AndyWilliamsHSOur latest video in the Color Talk series features photographer Andy Williams. He leads workshops to exotic places including tours to Africa. Andy believes that accurate color is vital to evaluate images.

Andy has a long history in the photo industry. As a young boy he became fascinated with photography. And he’s still going strong in an industry that has moved from analog film images to digital files that give us ultimate flexibility but present us with some unique challenges.

Starting with accurate color is as important as it’s ever been. Evaluating images using calibrated and profiled displays is the only way to know if what we’re seeing is an accurate representation of what is actually recorded in the file.  Enjoy this Color Talk video with Andy Williams.

Andy agreed to talk with us about himself and let us get to know him a bit better. Enjoy this interview with photographer Andy Williams.

AW Selfie.jpg

Andy Williams “Selfie”
© Andy Williams

X-Rite Blog: When did you start photographing?
Andy Williams: I started when I was 8. (See the “selfie” of me as a boy!) I began working in the local camera shop in my town when I was 11 years old, opening up the store on Saturday mornings, and then quickly learned how to develop B&W film. We were the only lab within 30 miles, so it was rather busy! I began making prints for customers when I was 12. Since then, I’ve been a photographer. I began my professional photography career many years later, and have been active since. Since 2007, I’ve been doing workshops to the coolest places on the planet, with my good friend and partner, X-Rite Coloratti Marc Muench – our company is called Muench Workshops at www.muenchworkshops.com

XB: What is it about nature and wildlife photo that caused you to specialize in that particular genre?
AW: Interesting question. I started my career as a “people” and street photographer, but as other business commitments came up, I had less and less time for family portrait sessions, seniors, bar mitzvahs etc. I still love immersing myself for a day on the streets of any city I’m in or near. More on that later. The landscape, and the creatures that inhabit, are a source of endless joy for me. I love the challenge of creating, composing, seeing something in the landscape and making a photograph that is memorable. It’s truly a challenge, and it’s a bit like fishing or baseball – you don’t catch a 10 lb trout every time you cast your line – but when you do – oh boy. That’s what chasing the light in the landscape is all about.


Chasing the light in Umbria, Italy – Monte Castello de Vibbio
© Andy Williams

Wildlife? I’m very fortunate to have seen and photographed such a variety of wildlife. Nature never disappoints, and for me, the challenge is catching a magical moment. Why do I like this photo so much? The bond between mother and son – the tail action is synchronized – the slight backlighting, and their intense gaze right at me. And believe it or not, I can get just as excited when I’m staring into the eyes of a Sally Lightfoot crab in The Galapagos!


Mother and Son
© Andy Williams

XR: What is your favorite part of traveling for your workshops? The least favorite?
AW: I’m one of those people that starts packing 3 weeks before a big trip. I love everything about traveling! Over the years I’ve learned a lot of tricks that help photographers who travel, and I’ve blogged about them over on muenchworkshops.com/blog – my favorite part is traveling to a new place for the first time. The anticipation and the “not knowing” is like a drug for me. I love being challenged in the moment and that is sometimes when you get your very best photographs. My least favorite part is being away from family, but I hope to remedy this soon by taking them along on more of my workshops and trips.

XR: What was the inspiration behind the gallery “New York Minute” on your website?
AW: Before I got into photography full-time and doing workshops full-time, I worked in the software world in NYC. Being there every day, I had the opportunity to do plenty of street photography. I love shooting street! One of my favorites is the photo of the woman and man talking in the East Village.


Man and Woman Talking in the East Village
© Andy Williams

XR: Tell us about your upcoming workshops and projects.
AW: Starting in September I’m off on workshops to Iceland, Glacier NP, Arches & Canyonlands NP, and then a really cool trip to the remote parts of Utah for a few days. We have workshops upcoming in Big Sur (followed by a weekend of Lightroom training and printing at Bay Photo), Hawaii, Tanzania, Bryce & Zion, Death Valley, and more. Later in 2014 we’re going to be in Greece, and Scotland (Cairngorms NP and Isle of Skye) and Slovenia. Whew, that’s a lot of traveling 🙂 Our complete schedule is at muenchworkshops.com

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite!Andy Williams uses X-Rite ColorMunki Display and ColorChecker Passport to keep his color workflow under control. Learn how you can stop guessing and start knowing with color management solutions from X-Rite at www.xritephoto.com.

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