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Linus Scholz | ColorMunki Smile Photo Contest Week 3 Winner


by Brenda K. Hipsher – October 17th, 2013


©2013 Linus Scholz “Self Portrait”

Our week three winner in our ColorMunki Smile Photo Contest is Linus Scholz of Germany. Linus is a student who began photographing in 2009.  A chemistry teacher who is a photographer sparked Linus’ interest in taking pictures. This photographic mentor pushed Linus giving him projects that would stretch his creativity. Three years later he and his mentor are still in contact and continue to review each others work and go out taking photographs together.

Linus was kind enough to share some additional photos with us for you to enjoy and answer some questions for an interview here on the X-Rite Photo blog. We hope you enjoy meeting Linus Scholz.

X-Rite Blog:  What is your specialty in photography?

Linus Scholz:  Even though there are many things in photography that I like so much, the topic that fascinates me the most is portraiture. I just love spending time with friends as it’s them who I photograph. Capturing someone’s personality instead of just their outer appearance, seeing the person “behind” the surface and making this character trait or current mood be seen in an image, that’s what I like about a good portrait and that’s exactly what pushes me into portraiture. Sometimes, in small “photo series” of about three to eight images, I like to tell fictional stories in surreal portraits, always leaving much room for interpretation. Unfortunately there aren’t many series yet, but these photos always are the ones I like to remember the most.


XB:  Do you calibrate and profile your monitor? If not are you planning to start?

LS:  Yes, I do calibrate my monitor, as well as my camera. Every time I calibrate a monitor, I’m surprised how simply wrong monitors display colors in their standard profiles, comparing before and after. I don’t know how I could work properly until I got a colorimeter in late 2009.  I’m really happy about the new ColorMunki Smile! For my camera, I use the ColorChecker Passport together with its Lightroom plugin.



XB:  What is your greatest challenge in photography?

LS:  The biggest challenges for me are mood and light. The presence of mood in photographs is very important for me as a photographer. Without mood a photo is not much more than a matter-of-fact image. Mood can give it tension or create complete calmness. Therefore, light is one big key element. The quality of a photograph depends crucially upon it. Another element is color temperature, a slightly altered color temperature and your photo will be completely different. I think these two are the most complex aspects in photography and  I regularly struggle with them.


XB: What was it about this particular image that caught your eye and caused you to capture it?

LS:  My family and I spent our annual vacation in the Netherlands last year. I got to work on long time exposures of the ocean at the time when we had a rest at the edge of the inland sea. There were some poles rising from the water with sea gulls on top and I thought they’d make for a good foreground, having in mind the mirroring water and the voluminous but sharp clouds. It took a few attempts until the clouds were in an interesting position (the shutter was open for about a minute), but I’m really satisfied with how it turned out.


ColorMunki Smile Photo Contest Week 3 Winner

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