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Julia Kuzmenko Photo Workshop with X-Rite Coloratti Marianna Santoni


by Clizia Capecchi – October 28th, 2013

Marianna Santoni, a member of the X-Rite Coloratti in Italy, is very active traveling extensively with weekly seminars and photo workshops! Photographer and post-production expert Marianna Santoni and her team have been organizing training events connected to art, photography, post-production, and communication.

With her team she has organized two amazing opportunities to learn many sophisticated techniques from Julia Kuzmenko, visual artist, fashion photographer and professional retoucher  at two different events:

• November 9 and 10, 2013  Rome and Milan, Italy will the the sites for a one day course repeated in each city.
• November 12-13, 2013 A 2-day two workshop in a photographic studio with models limited to 15 attendees in Umbria.

You choose!


This course is dedicated to the latest, more sophisticated and advanced digital retouching techniques with Photoshop applied to industry standard working strategies used in high-end retouching of fashion photography, beauty/cosmetic and portrait from start to finish.

Where and when (two opportunities):

CLICK HERE to register for Rome – Saturday, November 9
CLICK HERE to register for Milan – sunday, November 10

Duration: 1 day, 7 hours
Language: English*

Teachers: Julia Kuzmenko and Marianna Santoni


Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 3.07.16 PM


This small and intimate workshop will be 15 people with both Marianna and Julia featuring a variety of shooting opportunities in addition to instruction for participants. This is a real “hands on” experience.
The creation an image of Julia Kuzmenko from beginning to end: from the selection criteria for the models to the click to the retouched image.

There will be both shooting sessions and photoshop classes with computers. Every attendees will be followed both in group and individually.

This photography workshop has been designed specifically for people wanting to know the techniques, the approach and the workflow of Julia Kuzmenko; for people who desire to learn her style of shooting, her digital retouching Photoshop techniques and the creative vision who made her famous. A workshop dedicated to the newest, most sophisticated and more advanced photo editing art techniques with Photoshop applied to fashion photography, beauty and portrait… designed and developed by Julia Kuzmenko.

Professionals, photography amateurs, graphic designers, post-production experts, printers, photolithographers, will find this photography workshop very interesting and inspiring. All the techniques explained by Julia Kuzmenko are compatible with Photoshop version CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6 and CC7. It is essential to have a reflex camera and a good knowledge of Photoshop and (included the use of layers and masks).

Where and when:
CLICK HERE to register for Umbria on the Tuesday and Wednesday, November 12 and 13

Duration: 2 days, 15 hours
Language: English*
Teachers: Julia Kuzmenko and Marianna Santoni

Maximum of 15 attendees.

*Workshops are held in English and translated into Italian.
Workshops may be translated into any other language according to the needs of the attendees. For more information: segreteria@mariannasantoni.com

Complete information and cost on both programs at www.mariannasantoni.com

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