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Color Talk with Gary Poole


by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 30th, 2013

Color Talk with Gary Poole The latest edition of Color Talk feature Gary Poole, color balance expert. Gary has been in color management for over 35 years. He has spent his entire career in pursuit of accurate color working in several professional labs and owning his own lab. Gary is currently the Color Division Manager for Retouchup.com, a photo retouching service with offices in different places around the globe. His whole focus is ensuring that every photo is retouched with accurate color. “One of the biggest concerns in managing a professional color correction service is accuracy of the color corrections,” he says. “We must be certain that the color and contrast we see on our monitors will match the output. By using X-Rite i1 Display Pro for our color management we are able to have offices in different locations that support our color correction and we are confident that they will match from device to device. If the lab or printer is properly calibrated to industry standards the final product will match the screen display. Without this assurance we are all just guessing and hoping for the best.”

As a child Gary fell in love with color when he saw the colors of the rainbow separate looking at sunlight through a prism.  He loves color accuracy. Color affects the way we feel about the image we are viewing. It’s important to be sure we take care to carry our vision all the way through from capture, to view, to edit, to output. Listen to what Gary Poole has to say in our latest installment of Color Talk.

Gary uses X-Rite ColorChecker Passport in his capture workflow in addition to calibrating and profiling monitors, projectors, and printers. To find out more about Gary Poole’s articles and features click here: Shootsmarter Gary Poole on X-Rite ColorChecker Camera Profiles.

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite!Gary Poole keeps his color workflow under control so the images he oversees are accurate, consistent,  and repeatable. Learn how you can stop guessing and start knowing with color management solutions from X-Rite at www.xritephoto.com.

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  1. Caspian says:

    I’ve done retouching for quite some time. To get the precise colors for a photograph might seem easy but it usually needs good perception, knowledge about colors and skill to accomplish. I’ve watched the videos and they were really helpful. thanks

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