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Coloratti Joshua Holko Polar Photography Expedition


by Brenda K. Hipsher – December 16th, 2013

Joshua HolkoEver think of visiting the polar regions of the earth? See the beauty and experience the amazing diversity of subject matter in this new film by Coloratti Joshua Holko. This amazing video really gives you a feeling for “being there.”  Enjoy this beautiful film and be sure to visit www.JHolko.com to see more of Joshua’s stunning photographs.

You can also find out how you can join Joshua on a polar expedition and experience these beautiful and unique landscapes for yourself while learning and improving your photography with one of the most accomplished polar photographers in the world. Choose from Antarctica, Iceland,  and the Artic or go pole to pole with Joshua and friends. And if cold weather is not your cup of tea choose from Namibia and New Zealand as well. Check out CLICK HERE to learn about workshops with Joshua Holko.

Now enjoy your Polar Photography Expedition with Coloratti Joshua Holko.



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  1. Prpphoto says:

    Amazing video, awesome expedition. Thanks, Brenda!

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