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Hokgiarto Saliem | Week 4 ColorMunki Smile Contest Winner


by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 10th, 2014


©2013 Hokgiarto Saliem

Our 2013 ColorMunki Smile Photo Contest was a great success and we want to continue to introduce you to some of the winners in that contest. Our week 4 winner as Hokgiarto Saliem of Indonesia. His beautiful yellow lily macro photo captured the color of the week very well. And we really loved this composition  with very short depth of field perfectly placed.

We asked Hok if he would answer some questions for us so you can get to know him and his photography a bit better. Enjoy meeting Hokgiarto Saliem.

X-Rite Photo Blog: When did you start photographing?

Hokgiarto Saliem: When I was a child I sometimes took photos. In the old days camera auto focus was not as good as it is now. Then in 2006 when I went to collage I bought my first pocket camera, a Casio Exilim Z-110. I like to capture moments to remember. I have been taking tens of thousands photos since  I began. I am also beginning to take photos of food and other things.


©2013 Hokgiarto Saliem

XB: What is your specialty in photography?

HS: I really don’t have a specialty. But I like macro and documentary photography. Sometimes I like taking photos from a moving vehicle called a becak car. This vehicle is similar to the bajaj in India but without an engine. It runs on human power like a bicycle! I enjoy the technical side of photography sometimes more than the art. Things like time lapse, hi speed photography, and super macro really capture my interest.

XB: What is your greatest challenge in photography?

HS: Taking a great picture using a mid range pocket camera. And I would like to win a professional photo contest, one where almost all the contestants are using super expensive SLR cameras. I still don’t have one yet.


©2013 Hokgiarto Saliem
Week 4 Winner 2013 ColorMunki Smile Photo Contest

XB: What was it about this particular image that caught your eye and caused you to capture it?

HS: It was morning when I saw this nice flower in my mini garden. This yellow flower blooms for a very short time. After blooming for a few days it is eaten by grasshoppers. The macro of this flower is beautiful with a nice gradient color to fill the frame.

XR: Have you entered photo contests before? Won?

HS: Yes I have entered and won amateur photo contests. I still haven’t won a  professional photography contest.


©2013 Hokgiarto Saliem

XR: What would you say is your favorite thing about photography?

HS: I like to capture moments so that I can look back on them and remember someday. And I like it that we can convert a 3D image of our world to 2D object so that it looks good.


©2013 Hokgiarto Saliem

XR: What advice would you give someone who is just beginning as a photographer?

HS: If you want to be a photographer, it is not as hard as it used to be. Sometimes you only need to consider the design of the shot, arrange the subject and compose it for a nice photograph, and the camera does the rest. But if you really have a passion for photography perhaps you should still try the manual exposure setting and manual focus. There are so many photography tutorials available in the Internet. We can all learn and enjoy photography today.

X-Rite Color Perfectionists Unite!The ColorMunki Smile that Hok won allows him to now calibrate and profile his monitor. And that means that what he sees on his monitor is accurate so he doesn’t have to guess about the corrections he’s making when he’s editing his photos. Visit Saliem Hokgiarto on Facebook.

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