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Coloratti Eduardo Angel on Lighting for Video!


by Brenda K. Hipsher – February 7th, 2014

Coloratti Eduardo Angel  loves talking about, thinking about, and experimenting with lighting for video. We spoke to him this week to find out about his new online course on Lynda.com called  “Lighting Design for Video Productions.” Eduardo is an independent Technology Consultant, Educator, and Visual Storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY. Here’s what he shared with us in guest blog. And as a bonus he prepared some visuals for us to share some of what his new program will cover. Enjoy!

Eduardo AngelLighting for Video

by Eduardo Angel

There are many “how to” videos available, and I have done my fair share for X-Rite and other companies. It is very important to learn how to set up your lights, where to put them, which buttons to push, how to create different looks, etc. But, I believe that what most photographers transitioning into filmmaking and beginning filmmakers need most right now is to understand the “why.”

Why do you need to be concerned about lighting for video when our cameras capture “clean” files at 6,400 ISO or higher? Why should we care about mixing color temperatures if we are still getting a proper exposure? Why would you use a portable disc reflector at noon?


As photographers and filmmakers, light is our palette. With light we can provide a sense of space and establish a time of day. We can create beautiful morning light in the evening as well as spectacular moonlight at noon. By understanding key concepts like color temperature, contrast, and the quality of light, we can create a variety of moods and effects, guide the viewer’s attention to relevant details or objects, and even enhance or exaggerate our actors’ physical features.


It is fascinating how warm tones pop out of the frame, while cool colors recede into the frame. Or how through proper lighting we can make the same exact scene look peaceful, enigmatic, elegant, happy, or even scary.

Now, in order for these key concepts and lighting techniques to work we need to be sure that our cameras and monitors are capturing and displaying everything accurately. As I always say, “if you can’t trust your monitor, any other step in your color workflow is irrelevant.” Remember, simple tools can make a huge difference.


I just released an online course on Lynda.com titled “Lighting Design for Video Productions” where I cover all these concepts and more. It is only 46 minutes long so you can watch it at lunch time or on your commute. If you have an extra second, I would love to hear what you think about it.

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Thanks for sharing your latest project with us Eduardo! Check out his blog called “Lighting for Video” where you can see a short clip from the Lynda.com program.

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