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CamRanger Becomes the First ColorTRUE Aware App


by Jeff Lazell – June 4th, 2014


CamRanger, the first app of it’s kind to offer photographers the ability to wirelessly control their Canon or Nikon DSLR without need for a computer or internet connection recently announced another first. They are the first 3rd party app to become ColorTRUE aware.

ColorTrue before and after screenshots

By utilizing X-Rite’s free SDK package CamRanger’s newest release (Ver. 2.0.7) contains all the award winning features the app has become known for now in a color managed environment. So, when you are using CamRanger’s live view to adjust your camera’s settings wirelessly, you can do so confidently knowing that the colors you see on your mobile device are correct. Not to mention being able to accurately assess highlight and shadow details because the screen’s brightness is now optimally set for photographic work.


Simply create the calibration profile for your device like you normally would using ColorTRUE and your supported X-Rite device and the next time you open CamRanger it will pull in that profile and utilize it. Now, CamRanger seamlessly fits into the rest of your color managed workflow.

X-Rite can not be prouder to announce this partnership with CamRanger and we hope this is the first of many ways we can help mobile platform based photography apps fit into a color managed workflow.



Google Play Store Badge


Google Play Store Badge




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