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Color Talk with Paul Ernest


by Brenda K. Hipsher – June 26th, 2014

Paul ErnestPaul Ernest is an extraordinary photographer. He was selected as the Professional Photographers Association (PPA) International Photographic Competition Diamond Award winner the first year he entered in 2012.  He is a WPPI Grand Award Winner with over 17 WPPI awards. He attained Master Photographer within 17 months of joining PPA and has many other awards and accolades to his credit.

What makes Paul Ernest so knowledgeable and successful? Maybe it was that he was raised in a family of fine artists and that he studied advertising and design in addition to photography and film/cinematography at University of North Texas. Or maybe it was that 17 years as a working art director. Certainly his years as a wedding photographer in the Dallas area have given him a wealth of knowledge. (ErnestWeddings.com) And his fine art work calls forth strong emotions from his thoughtful and respectful images of soldiers to his playful Daliesque images. (PaulErnest.com) Whatever it is that makes Paul Ernest special, he knows how to make his prints speak in competition and in life.

Paul uses color to call forth emotion in the viewer. Listen to what this photographic artist has to say about color and how he uses it in his work in this edition of Color Talk with Paul Ernest

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We caught up with Paul to ask him some questions about his photography. The text of the interview is below. Enjoy getting to know Paul Ernest a little better here.

X-Rite Photo Blog: How long have you been taking photographs?

Paul Ernest: I have been photographing for over 25 years…. since I was a teenager. I learned in the film days. I minored in Cinema and Photography and majored in Advertising. I moved over to photography full time in 2008.

XPB: What drew you to photography?

PE: I think what drew me to it was photographers like Adams and Bourke-White, Vachon, Lee, Lange… basically the historical aspect. I also have many cinematographers that have inspired me as well as some of the commercial photographers early in my design career.

Paul Ernest

©2012 Paul Ernest All Rights Reserved

XPB: When did you begin to add your beautiful artistic illustration to your photography?

PE: I think it was a natural progression. I was restless with doing work for others (weddings, seniors, family) and wanted to do something for myself. Painters like Eastman, Rockwell, Wyeth and Millet were a constant inspiration to me. It really started out as one image and the positive reception it received mixed with the encouragement of my mentor David Edmonson really demanded that I do another. I think it really began a natural course after that.

XPB: What influenced your very distinctive style?

PE: All of the photographers and artists I mentioned really.  I am the opposite of a photorealist painter… I am a photographer that wants to create organic images that honestly look like paintings, that don’t even have a source or media reference.

XPB: Are you experimenting with any new techniques or ideas?

PE: I am really looking at other subject matter rather than new techniques. I am continually working on my WWII work, but I want to pursue the Boy Scouts of America as well as expanding on current collections (PaulErnestGallery.com)

Paul Ernest

©2012 Paul Ernest All Rights Reserved

XPB: Tell us about your work as a professional photographer today.

PE: Right now I am working on an agricultural series for a “farm-to-table” style restaurant that will feature my work. And I am opening a new division called Ernest Edits to help keep me in the studio to focus on doing what I love.

XPB: What advice do you have for students of photography or those beginning or returning to photography as an art form?

PE: Learn the craft! Film or no film learn the craft. The cameras of today can mask the true ability to capture images. Its important to learn what photography is. For example… take a piece of tape and cover the preview screen. Can you still capture an image?

Furthermore, realize that there has been a paradigm shift in photography. The camera used to be the axis of photography. Now, with the advent of the digital world, Photoshop and all the technology we have we must realize that the camera is now a spoke, just like Photoshop. We are not just photographers anymore… we are imagemakers.

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