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Color Perfectionists Unite!

Join us this July 21st to 25th for an Entire Week of Webinars!


by Jeff Lazell – July 8th, 2014


Color perfectionists unite! To celebrate the SummerFullaColor X-Rite will be bringing you an entire week of free webinars starting July 21st. Wether you are just dipping your toes into the world of color management or you are looking to take complete control of your photographic workflow, this week of programing will have something to interest you.

Hosted by Jeff Lazell, these webinars are broken down by the specific tools used. So, if you are in the market for something new or want to know all the ins and outs of a device you already own check out the descriptions below. Also, after each webinar we will also be hosting a live Q&A, so bring your color questions!


ColorChecker Passport

An accurate capture is the essential first step in any workflow. This webinar will show you how to add the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport into your workflow and what a powerful tool it is for achieving accurate color quickly and easily.

Webinar airs on 7/21/14 @ 1pm Sign Up Here!


ColorMunki Smile

Noticing differences between how your photos looked when you took them and when you view them on your monitor?  The ColorMunki Smile will solve this problem simply and quickly. This webinar will walk you through the brief but powerful process of using the ColorMunki Smile.

Webinar airs on 7/22/14 @ 1pm Sign Up Here!


ColorMunki Display

If you are serious about photography, but frustrated by inaccuracies in how your monitor or projector displays your work, then the ColorMunki Display is the choice for you. This webinar will show you how easy it is to create custom monitor profiles and how fast it will get you back to work. It will also show you how you can now incorporate mobile devices into your color managed workflow.

Webinar airs on 7/23/14 @ 1pm Sign Up Here!


Color Munki Photo

“How can I be sure what I see on my screen is what comes out of my printer?” Is the question on every photographers mind when it comes time to print an image on an inkjet printer. This webinar will answer that question and show you how the ColorMunki Photo gives you the confidence to take control of your printing.

Webinar airs on 7/24/14 @ 1pm Sign Up Here!


i1Display Pro

It is time to fully take control of your color management with the i1Display Pro. This webinar will take you through all the capabilities of this highly versatile device, from calibrating monitors to even your mobile device. After this controlling every aspect of your color managed workflow will be within your power.

Webinar airs on 7/25/14 @ 1pm Sign Up Here!



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