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The X-Rite Newsstand for 8/20/14


by Jeff Lazell – August 20th, 2014

Welcome to the X-Rite Newsstand a weekly collection of links to great photography content around the web. Posted weekly on Wednesdays. We hope this will help you be informed, be inspired, and get you over the mid week hump. Enjoy!


Photo by Cory Richards

Photographing The Most Challenging Mountains On Earth – Chris Brinlee Jr

“Cory Richards, a NatGeo photographer and The North Face team climber, was the first American to summit an 8,000-meter peak in the winter. We asked about his life as a climber and adventure photographer.” Read More at Indefinitely Wild


Photo by Clay Cook

Save Yourself Hours – The Most Effective Way To Clean Backgrounds In Photoshop – Clay Cook

“If you’ve shot in any studio, then you know the rules. Larger studios may require the use of protective booties on a freshly painted cyc wall or some practice the unsaid “no shoes” rule when stepping onto background paper. But, unfortunately, that just doesn’t happen and if the subject is jumping or moving look after look that background is going to get dirty. We all know the pain of re-touching that dirt.” Read More at Fstoppers

Disney Engineers Invented an Algorithm That Automatically Edits Multi-Cam Footage – Robert Hardy

“We all know that editing is an incredibly complex craft, one that requires not only an immaculate sense of timing, but also an in-depth knowledge of narrative structure. The edit is, after all, the final re-writing of the script. With that said, editing can also be, well, a pain in the ass, with hours on end spent making minuscule changes. But what if an edit, or at least a competent rough cut, could be done with an algorithm designed to choose the best shots and string them together with continuity? Well, a group of engineers with Disney Research have done just that, and they’ve put together a brief video explanation of how it all works.” Read More at nofilmschool


NASA Wants You to Sift Through Its Astronauts’ Photos – Jamie Condliffe

“NASA has a problem, and it wants you to help. Since the 50s, it’s amassed 1.8 million images of Earth from space—and it needs your assistance in working out exactly what they’re of.” Read More at Gizmodo


Photo by Allan S. Adler


Jackie O and the Leica S Edition 100 – Allan S. Adler

Allan chronicles his history with Leica cameras, a chance encounter with the Kennedy family, and his quest to recreate the images he shot that day 35 years later with the Leica S Edition 100. Read More at Samy’s Camera




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