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The X-Rite Newsstand for 9/3/14


by Jeff Lazell – September 3rd, 2014

Welcome to the X-Rite Newsstand a weekly collection of links to great photography content around the web. Posted weekly on Wednesdays. We hope this will help you be informed, be inspired, and get you over the mid week hump. Enjoy!


Physicists Take Low-Light Images Using Less Than One Photon Per Pixel

“The science of imaging is currently in the midst of a huge revolution. Researchers have recently discovered a number of innovative techniques for producing pictures in circumstances that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. They’ve worked out how to take high-resolution pictures using a single pixel, how to make lensless cameras and how to photograph objects hidden behind other things”. Read More at The Physics arXiv Blog


X-Rite Color IQ Test – Jeff Mellody

“How well do you really know color. Studies have shown that up to 10% of men are color blind. But even if you have normal recognition of colors doesn’t mean you see a color shift in your photos or know how to correct this shift. Knowing that cyan is the opposite of red has no correlation on the ability to correctly identify a cyan shift in a photo”. Read More at Jeff Mellody’s Blog


Understanding Depth Of Field: A Simple Visual Animation – Nino Batista

“One of the most common things I get asked at my photography classes is, “What is depth of field?” or often a variation of: “I think I get depth of field, but can you explain it?” Explaining it without a visual wasn’t always easy, but I made it work during the class and for the most part, I managed to convey the concept and people understood. After a while I sought out other DOF visualizations online to try to show my classes, finding examples that, to me, made perfect sense. However, one day on the back porch at home, it occurred to me that perhaps simplifying a visual could help those still puzzled by DOF.” Read More at Fstoppers



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