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The X-Rite Newsstand for 11/16 – 11/22


by Jeff Lazell – November 19th, 2014

Welcome to the X-Rite Newsstand a weekly collection of links to great photography content around the web. Posted midweek. We hope this will help you be informed, be inspired, and get you over the mid week hump. Enjoy!


Photo by Esben Olesen

Esben Olesen Takes You through His Infrared Workflow by Sam Merkel

“In today’s photography world, photos capturing scenes in infrared are usually few and far between. A technique usually seen as intimidating or out of reach to the average photographer, Esben Olsen takes us through his workflow when working with infrared images. This video gives helpful insight and simple tricks for every stage of the process from gear setup to post-processing.” Read More at Fstoppers


Photo by Justin Borucki

Video: Justin Borucki’s Wet Plate Street Photography: A day shooting on the streets of New York City’s Chinatown with Justin Borucki By Jeanette D. Moses

Watch as photographer Justin Borucki takes to the busy streets of Chinatown with a stash of chemicals, a portable darkroom and a stack of hand-cut glass plates to freeze a moment in time. Borucki has spent the last year and a half setting up on the streets of the city and using the slow, methodical wet plate collodion process to capture the “old, decrepit and beautiful” New York he remembers from his childhood.” Read More at American Photo


Photo by Peter Taylor

This Holga Camera Was Modified to Shoot Digital Images by Chris Gampet

“While the Holga is a camera that has been subject to many hacks, not many have put a Raspberry Pi camera in it. But Peter Taylor has done such a thing. But not only did he create the camera using Raspberry Pi, but he also modified the lens a bit and the camera overall to be a bit more accommodating to its digital overlord. By adding in a module and sensor similar to what you see in mobile phones, he was able to bring this classical camera to life in the digital world.” Read more at The Phoblographer


Great Scott! Learn How to Re-Create the ‘Back to the Future’ Time Slice Using Practical FX by V Renée

“If you’ve ever wanted to recreate that iconic time slice effect from Back to the Future, you’re in luck! And no, you don’t need a DeLorean, a flux capacitor, or even a road — because where we’re going, we don’t need roads.” Read More at NoFilmSchool

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