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A Global Training Vision


by Dave Mobbs – December 11th, 2014



As a global company, X-Rite recognise the need to support the public on a global level. This is why we’re increasing our efforts even further with a packed schedule of webinars, events, workshops and exhibitions throughout the world in 2015 to develop our global training vision.

For instance, last week we were in Birmingham, UK for a digital workshop masterclass with expert guests from Adobe and Macphun, just last month we were in Germany for a series of in-store presentations with photographic retailer Calumet. We hold events and webinars throughout the year in native speaking languages so there really is something for everyone.

You may have visited our stands at Photokina or Salon de la Photo this year where we had a wide range of presentations with topics such as ‘The Art of Monochrome Prints’ and ‘The Impact of Cool and Warm Lighting’. Or maybe you’ll be visiting the Photo Show in the UK, Hunt’s Photo and Video or B&H in the US next year? Wherever it may be, our aim is to provide education and inspiration throughout our activities.



Getting inspired – Meet X-Rite’s Coloratti

So, what or who is a Coloratti? To put it simply, X-Rite Coloratti are an elite group of world renowned photographers, videographers, designers and retouchers that hold significant expertise in Colour Management, while also offering an incredible insight into their professions with the very latest industry tips and techniques.

We have more than 130 members worldwide as we continue to work closely with them to offer you the chance to interact through events, seminars, blogs, webinars and social media.

For more information about the Coloratti, click here!


What if you can’t make it to our events?

Not a problem, we have regular, free interactive webinar sessions with our Coloratti covering everything from live model photoshoots, through to digital imaging masterclasses using industry leading software. You’re certain to find something that suits your interests. If you happen to miss our live webinar events, don’t worry, we archive all of our videos for you to view at your leisure.

See a full list of our previous webinars here.

Or check out our Vimeo feed here.

Be sure to keep an eye on our social feeds for our latest events information, we really don’t want you to miss out.


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