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Color Talk with X-Rite Coloratti Andy Katz


by Sandra Kehoe – January 27th, 2015

X-Rite Coloratti Andy Katz shares his insights on the key elements of capturing natural color:


There are many elements that go into a great photograph.

Color: I wake up really early in the morning, well before the sun rises, to get the color that I want. That’s how important color is. I want to be able to reproduce what I see through the lens. I want to make it worthwhile to capture these beautiful moments of natural light. Anytime I’m shooting, the end result for me is to capture an image that’s going to make a great print, something good enough to put on my wall. The end result is to make a print that is exceptionally beautiful, that’s powerful and evokes emotion. I want the colors to be perfect!

Content: What you are focusing on, the subject, what you are seeing through the viewfinder. This has to appeal to you or to the people you are showing your images to.

Composition: How you frame your content is critical. Every part of the frame is extremely important. Many people are not focused on what is going on in the corners of the frame, but this is a very important part of the image.

Image by Andy Katz

Image by Andy Katz

Light: The glue of the photograph, what meshes everything together is light. To me, light is what makes or breaks the photo. Light is a tricky and beautiful thing. It can change on you within seconds going from beautiful light to harsh unappealing light. The greatest diffuser of all time are clouds. Clouds can change harsh light to something of beauty. Within the movement of a cloud, it can change the diffusion of the light from subtle diffusion to great diffusion depending on the density of the cloud. In order to understand what light does to your image you have to practice seeing light the way your camera will see it. A simple test, which shows not so subtle results is to take a portrait on a clear day at noon. Then take your subject, same lens and frame your subject the same way and shoot in open shade. Viewing these two images on screen will tell you a tremendous amount about the power and importance of light. You can do the same with a still life, landscape etc.

Last thing and probably the most important thing is go out and SHOOT!

Andy is heading back to France next month to continue his book on Bordeaux using the latest technology SONY Alpha 7 camera. For more information visit Andy at www.andykatzphotography.com

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