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by Sandra Kehoe – March 22nd, 2015

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – July 22nd, 2015


Sadly, the temple where these two girls were playing in the rain no longer exists. The temple was destroyed in April’s earthquake, which reduced many temples and homes to rubble, leaving many thousands homeless. I’m returning to Nepal this month to document the ongoing recovery and rebuilding work and to follow up on some of the stories that I documented in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake.
– Gavin Gough Travel + Editorial Photographer

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – July 15th, 2015

Sun shining through geothermal steam. At Namaskard in north-east Iceland. Image taken during www.focusonnature.is workshop. The workshop vehicle and some participants in the foreground.
Wanted to catch the mood of venue with the winter sun shining through the geothermal steam.

Einar Erlendsson B.Sc. Imaging Science, Instructor, Consultant, Digital image processing, Digital Restoration, IS

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – July 8th, 2015 

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 12.55.15 PM

This Walter. He is a volunteer at Palm Beach Photographic Center in West Palm Beach, Florida where I often teach. Walter was gracious enough to sit for my recent Black & White conversions class.

Vincent Versace, Fine Art Photographer, Master Printer, Educator + Author

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – July 1st, 2015 


Photograph from my recent flight over San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge with the new Canon 5DSr camera. ISO 200, EF24-105mm F5, 1/2000

Stephen Johnson, Fine Art, Landscape Photographer, Master Printer, Designer and Educator.

Image of the Week – June 25th, 2015 

Image of the Week – June 17th, 2015


The unique limestone found at the amazing #climbingarea of Margalef, #Spain was said to have inspired the famous Catalan modernist architect Antoni Gaudi in his candle-wax dripping designs. Today, the rock inspires climbers for the new aesthetic and #athletic reasons. Chris Sharma on Gancho Perfecto (9a), Margalef, Spain.

– Corey Rich, Corey Rich Productions

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – June 10th, 2015

Pano Arbol Savina nocturna Ilum Polar C sRGB

The original is a 360 degree panorama that can be viewed here.  There’s no Photoshop retouching, just light painting in a night shot and a projection from a sphere (360º panorama) on to a plane.

Hugo Rodriguez, Digital Imaging Expert & Landscape Photographer

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – June 4th, 2015 


“Ballerina with a Pearl Earring” is my most recent homage to Johann Vermeer. The lighting is, in my opinion, very close in feeling to the lighting that the famous painter used in his “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. In the course of my shooting the Ellison Ballet last week I noticed a particular spot on the stage that was bathed in this incredible directional light. Mentally I designated it “The Vermeer spot”. The background is a black wall with various electrical/lighting cables that establish it as a stage location. To me, a very important distinction in establishing context. I would periodically check it to see if any dancers were standing or sitting there. The lighting comes from two stage spots, one at floor level and the other at around eight feet off the stage. The lights were roughly 35 feet away. After seeing Juliette Bosco, a twelve year old phenomenon with Ellison, perform her “Grand Pas Classique” I asked her if she would be my model for the shot. The challenge was to get her into position while the stage was in the course of the busy production. I needed as much light as possible so I had to wait for an interval when the cross stage spots were at their highest intensity. A whole other technical challenge. She sat down in the spot in the perfect posture and with very little direction gave me a series of images from which to choose. I did twenty exposures and as is typically the case, this shot stood out from all of the others. All of the elements of the photograph; the direction/quality of light, expression and composition work together to create this classic portrait. All the while I was shooting this I had in my mind’s eye Vermeer’s famous creation. It remind’s me of the famous quote from Louis Pasteur. “Chance favors only the prepared mind”…

Color managed by X-RitePhoto.

Douglas Dubler,  Fashion, Beauty and Fine Art Photographer

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – May 27th, 2015 

Paul Biddle_The-Orange-of-Substance-2

The Orange of Substance – Paul Biddle

This still-life shot of an orange is a single exposure on 4”x5” film. It’s called The Orange of Substance and is part of an ongoing series called The Paranoia of Fruit and Vegetables. The base of the shot is an old discarded mirror I found in a skip and I liked how the silvering had broken down making a fascinating texture. Accurate colour is very important to me from image capture to the final fine art print which I always make myself. Using X-rite i1 Profiler equipment allows me to see on screen exactly how the colours will print on my fully profiled large format printer.

Paul Biddle – Surrealist Fine Art Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – May 20th, 2015 


Boy from Kendjam – Cristina Mittermeier

One of the greatest joys of my work as an ethnographic photographer is the opportunity to spend time with people that see life in a very different way than I do. Often, my western morals are challenged by the things I see and I am forced to either go home or expand my point of view. This boy from the village of Kendjam was playing with a baby monkey that was clearly dying. The monkey’s mother had been killed earlier that day as food for a large group of people. My heart felt heavy for these monkeys but I could also understand how the imperative to survive doesn’t allow for a lot of thought on animal rights, compassion or suffering. When you must survive based on your skills as a hunter, on your ability to recognize edible plants and your common sense to avoid danger, your senses and perception of what is right and wrong become skewed by the need to stay alive. 

– Cristina Mittermeier, Conservation & Ethnographic Photographer, Marine Biologist, X-Rite Coloratti

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – May 12th, 2015 


 By Jon Rune Trengereid

This photo was shot in an huge and old mill, for Fashion designer Karina K. Titze and is a part of a series of 6 images. One of the challenges we encountered on this shoot, was keeping the colors on these insanely expensive dresses true and accurate while still being able to be creative in regards to the overall colors of the image. Since the color accuracy is quite important, we shot two sets of photos containing the X-Rite Colorchecker passport for each dress. One with the gel-free strobes and then one image just containing the strobe with a color gel. We then later color corrected the dress with the help of the ColorChecker Passport. An invaluable tool for any photographer concerned with color accuracy. 

– Jon Rune Trengereid, Fashion Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – April 29th, 2015 

X-Rite Coloratti Giuseppe Andretta

The Fes Medina – Giuseppe Andretta

The Fes Medina by Giuseppe Andretta

The Fes Medina is a medieval labyrinth that is under the protection of UNESCO. I took this picture last June walking randomly through these small streets of this city that I love and that remind me so much of my hometown in Venice.

– Giuseppe Andretta, Photographer, Educator, X-Rite Coloratti


X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – April 15th, 2015 

Ellis Island © Stephen Wilkes

Ellis Island © Stephen Wilkes

Ellis Island by Stephen Wilkes

This was taken in 1998, in an Infectious Disease Hospital on the South Side of Ellis Island that had been left abandoned and decaying for more than 50 years. Red afternoon sunlight created an aura at the end of the corridor unlike any light I have ever seen. I returned several times, but this light never reappeared. Everything in shadow was green, thriving and alive, while everything glowing with white light, dead. An apt metaphor for the life and death that passed through this hospital on ‪#‎EllisIsland‬ so long ago.

– Stephen Wilkes, Fine Art Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti Master

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – April 8th, 2015 


X-Rite Coloratti Tom Mackie

© Tom Mackie

Hamnoy, Norway by Tom Mackie

This is the fishing village of Hamnoy situated on a small island in the archipelago off northwest Norway. The bridges to connect the islands weren’t built until the 1980’s so were only accessible by boat. This image was shot from one of the bridges overlooking Hamnoy. I wanted to capture the contrast between the cold tones of the twilight and the warm tones of the internal lights of the traditional fishing cabins called ‘rorbuer’. Ironically, at this time of year these cabins are normally empty, but because of its increasing popularity, it was full of photographers. 

– Tom Mackie, Pro Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – April 1st, 2015 

© Brooke Shaden

© Brooke Shaden

“There lies in all of us a specific and very personal vision that only we can see. It does not manifest itself outside of an abstract form until we give it a face and name others can understand. Sometimes we call that art. It is the physical creation of what we harbor inside of us. Creativity. Dreams. Forward momentum.”

Brooke Shaden, Artist, X-Rite Coloratti

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – March 25th, 2015 

Don Smith, xritephoto, Xrite Coloratti,

Country Road, Diablo Hills, CA by Don Smith

Diablo Hills, Eastern San Benito County, CA by Don Smith

It was late in the day, near sunset, I was up on a hill shooting down with a telephoto and was 90 degrees from the light (sun) so the polarizer really brought out the color of the grasses and the purple Owl’s Clover!

– Don Smith, Pro Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti

X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – March 18th, 2015 

Neil Snape

Neil Snape

Mixed Beauty by Neil Snape

“Daylight and flash mixed beauty picture. Gelled flash, almost no retouching in Photoshop yet lots of work upfront in LR as usual. Night and day creme was the target idea. I’m a photographer, who has dabbled in color management since 1999 when it was a bit more difficult to produce a usable press ready image from RGB.  Based in Paris, and interested in too many subjects to ever see clearly what I like the best. X-Rite has been there to help out from the beginning.”

– Neil Snape, Pro Photographer, Xrite Coloratti


X-Rite Coloratti Image of the Week – March 11th, 2015

Nagaland Tribal Chief by George Jardine

Nagaland Tribal Chief by George Jardine

Nagaland Tribal Chief by George Jardine 

“My only opportunity to photograph this Tribal Chief from northeast India didn’t last long, and the morning sun was intense at the altitude of the village of Longwa. With the ear piercings and the harsh light, I found that a profile worked best, and only had to set white point to blow out the already very bright background.”

– George Jardine, Pro Photographer, X-Rite Coloratti

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