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Adobe Lightroom CC – What does the new version really mean for you?


by Dave Mobbs – May 21st, 2015



On April 21st 2015, Adobe announced the release of their long awaited update to Lightroom with Lightroom CC and Lightroom 6, promising a host of new features to make your creative life that much easier.

So what’s the difference between the two? Lightroom CC is Adobe’s updated Creative Cloud version of Lightroom, which is a subscription based service downloaded as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud Photography plan. Lightroom 6 is the standalone boxset version with only one key missing feature from Lightroom CC, this one doesn’t come with mobile app compatibility.

Lightroom CC now boasts a whole range of new features including HDR Merge, Panorama and Facial recognition to name but a few. So we’ve taken a look at these features and added our thoughts.

HDR Merge –

HDR or High Dynamic Ranging gives you the option to create natural looking images by combining extremely high or low contrast images into a single high dynamic range image, quite simply if you have both an under and over exposed image you can now combine these to create a single HDR image that retains the original detail. We found this feature very useful, nobody’s perfect and we appreciate that this can help compensate for these errors when they happen. You could call this the ‘second chance’ merge.

Check out Adobe’s demonstration video below

Panorama Merge –

This feature allows you to combine multiple images together to create panoramic images, the software will now recognise where your images should be and place this for you automatically. This feature is also compatible with RAW files, which makes it ideal for photographers that shoot at a professional level. The Panorama Merge is quite an interesting addition as it minimises the pain and time spent, carefully placing your images in the right order and angle.

Adobe’s demonstration video below

Facial Recognition –

If you’re anything like me and your Lightroom images are a little ‘unorganised’ Lightroom CC can help. The software now recognises faces which are searchable throughout your library. For people like me this is a fantastic feature that enables me to create instant searches for family and friends.

Adobe’s demonstration video below

Improved Performance –

Adobe claim a 10 times faster boost to overall speed due to taking advantage of compatible graphics processors. We did notice an improvement to speed, particularly when rendering but this is difficult to measure accurately.

Advanced Video Slideshows –

The slideshow option now comes with the ability to Pan and Zoom and combine video and music to your presentations. Although I don’t make many slideshows, this feature seemed pretty good and adds another level of creativity to presentations.

Adobe’s demonstration video below

Better Web Galleries –

Lightroom CC now features HTML-5 gallery templates which are designed to help compatibility between a wider range of desktop and mobile browsers.

Lightroom Mobile –

Lightroom Mobile is a significant leap in terms of support for various devices. The previous version only offered compatibility with Android phones whereas Adobe now offer Android tablet support. Images can also be stored on an SD card rather than the internal device storage previously.

Native DNG support is now a feature on the Android version, this means that Android 5.0 and above will allow you to shoot directly in RAW format and this will then save as a DNG file which can be imported directly from your Android device.

The iOS App now has an increased crop function and the ability to ‘Auto-straighten’ your image.

ColorChecker Passport Integration –

The X-Rite ColorChecker Passport integrates directly within Lightroom CC to create custom camera profiles, for a full demonstration please see the video below.


Conclusion –

We were concerned that the update would simply be an update, rather than a significant features upgrade. However, we’re pleasantly surprised and the new features really do mean a significant improvement for the user, Adobe have clearly listened to their customers and delivered the goods. As this is a free upgrade for new and existing customers using the Adobe Creative Cloud service, it represents great value and yet another reason to choose Lightroom.


X-Rite Photo Europe are currently offering certain products with a 1 Year subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, which includes Photoshop CC and Lightroom CC. More details can be found here – http://www.xritephoto.eu/adobe

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