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How to Get Perfect Color in Portrait & Landscape Photography


by Sandra Kehoe – June 5th, 2015

Photographer and X-Rite Coloratti Joe Brady talks about color in both landscape and portrait photography and easy it is to get great color with the ColorChecker Passport from X-Rite.


Getting great color seems like an easy request, doesn’t it? Shouldn’t it be great right out of the camera, or at the least easy to correct with a little bit of white balance adjustment?

Unfortunately that isn’t the case, but there is a solution. I’ve been a completely committed advocate of the ColorChecker Passport since the first time I used it many years ago.

DSC00490It’s small and easy to travel with and solves difficult color problems with a few mouse clicks. I bring one with me everywhere I go and that includes both in the studio and out in the field. Not only does it provide a perfect white balance reference for me, but I can also create custom camera profiles for different types of light so that my color snaps right into place.

I created the video below to show how and why to put the ColorChecker Passport to use in both the studio, outdoors when using fill flash and on location for landscape and nature photography. I can’t tell you how many hours of editing time that this simple set of color charts has saved me. Just take a shot of the ColorChecker Target under the same lighting conditions as your shoot and you have everything you need for the perfect color processing of Raw image files.


To complete the story, the video also shows how to put the ColorChecker Passport to use in software so that you can see the entire process from capture to edit. I don’t mean for this to sound like a commercial, but if I didn’t think this was one of the greatest accessories that should be in every camera bag, I wouldn’t be writing this. Put one to use and you’ll be convinced – I promise!

Joe Brady is a photographer, educator, author, photo workshop leader and studio owner who has been teaching photography and photo editing for over twenty years. Joe is an X-Rite Coloratti, a member of Sony’s Artisans of Imaging program, a two-time author on Lynda.com and has contributed articles for the Kelby Media Lightroom Magazine App. As a producer and presenter, Joe delivers online educational webinars and videos for photo-industry companies including X-Rite, Sekonic, PocketWizard, Induro, Benro, Ilford and Sony with over 3 million views over the last three years.

Joe Brady

Joe Brady

A recipient of the Fuji Masterpiece Award, Joe is also speaker at many local and national venues and events and also teaches photography workshops around the country specializing in scenic and panoramic landscapes and environmental portrait photography.

Check out more of Joe’s tutorial videos here


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