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X-Rite Coloratti Joan Boira, creates Aragorn from Lord of the Rings


by Dave Mobbs – June 9th, 2015



In this guest blog, Coloratti Master Joan Boira talks us through a recent shoot, which illustrates the importance of preparation and attention to detail involved in creating a successful photo shoot.

Before the Shoot

When you’re creating a shoot to replicate an iconic character such as Aragorn, research is essential.

I analysed the character from the films, taking some screen shots and also looked at other photo shoots for inspiration and to study positions, lighting, clothing and props. We wanted the final images to have a clear resemblance of the character not just in look but also in style.


Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.02.30

For this kind of shoot the clothing and costume is vital in ensuring an authentic look. A character from an iconic film like Lord of the Rings, will bring out some strong emotions from the purists, so we need to get the details right. We used specialist costume shops for the clothes, prop specialists in Barcelona for a genuine sword and specialist sites for jewels and accessories.

Finally, we created a clear plan for the shoot. What shots we wanted, and how we were going to set them up and crucially, ensuring our color was right.

To manage color control, we used an X-Rite ColorChecker Passport and viewed images on an NEC monitor calibrated with an X-Rite i1Display Pro.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.03.16


The Shoot

We needed to ensure the studio was large enough and had the right facilities in place, so we used Top Studios in Barcelona.

Lighting is always important when looking to create drama and effect so this was carefully thought through. Our Lighting set up was: 2 x Profoto flashes, one with a softlight reflector for the models face and one with a reflector and snoot, designed for the zoom on the sword.

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 10.15.57


This shoot was a great example of the preparation and attention needed to create the final results a client wants. Only by researching thoroughly, ensuring the quality of setup and controlling all elements of the color and lighting, can we get the results we need.

The results

Have a look for yourself in these images and videos, one is a time lapse of the shoot, and one a full video.




Video of the shoot:

Time Lapse:


Joan Boira



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