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Simplifying Your Workflow With Colour Management Pro – Ashley Karyl


by Dave Mobbs – September 29th, 2015


Most people remain confused about colour management for all the wrong reasons, however the basic concept is not that complex. In essence, it’s a simple process that allows us to transfer images or video from one place to another without altering their appearance. This should not be confused with colour correction!!


For many photographers and others, colour management is still a scary mystery; restricted to a small group of individuals with a PHD in colour theory who thrive on technicalities. In reality it can be surprisingly easy with modern equipment and colour savvy software, once you get past the fast talking experts and concentrate on the basics.

At the start of 2012 I began writing a book on colour management and naively thought it would be finished in a six months, however the project grew in scope and after more than 3 years it was clear I had massively underestimated the vast amount of testing and research that were required to cover all areas of interest to photographers.

Countless hours were spent sweating over every word to make the key concepts easy to grasp and I deliberately avoided any technical terms without first explaining them so that a six year old could understand. At times, whole days were spent on just a couple paragraphs before being deleted entirely because I found a better way to explain something.

Colour Management Pro is my new eBook aimed at making colour management easy for photographers by providing clear guidance, while adopting a pragmatic approach, so the process works for you rather than the other way around. It has to work in practice and not just in theory, whether today, tomorrow or next year.

The book itself covers a wide range of areas from shooting images to preparing the working environment and calibrating your equipment. It also includes advice and colour settings for both Windows & Mac with a number of popular editing applications to explain best practices when preparing images for web or print.
Unknown-4Once you understand the basic concepts of colour management there is very little difference between preparing images for a local photo lab or dealing with prepress printers on the other side of the world. We just need to calibrate our equipment to industry standards and supply correctly white balanced images in the appropriate colour space.




The key step that can dramatically improve your success is to calibrate your display using something like an i1Display Pro to ensure your colours are viewed accurately; otherwise it’s all just guesswork. It seems ironic that photographers will often spend thousands on cameras and lenses but then ruin it all by using a low quality or poorly calibrated display when editing their images.




There is a great deal more covered in the book but to learn more about colour management and how it could make your life easier simply visit https://colourmanagementpro.com and download the eBook at a great price, along with bonus HD video tutorials and downloads.


Ashley Karyl – X-Rite Coloratti Pro

Ashley is a professional photographer who has worked internationally with some of the world’s most renowned brands such as Microsoft, Adidas, Colgate, Marie Claire and many others.

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