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5 Ways to Create Better Portraits – Jon Rune Trengereid


by Dave Mobbs – October 16th, 2015

In this blog, X-Rite Coloratti, Commercial and Fashion photographer and international instructor, Jon Rune Trengereid looks at his tips for creating stunning portraits.

Portraiture is about capturing the essence of your subject within those 1/125 of a second.

It doesn’t have to be complicated, you can do it with natural light, strobes, a combination of the two, up close, from afar and even though most people think of humans when talking about portraiture, it can be of anything.

The idea is that your capture tells something about your subject. Maybe not a complete story, but at least a feeling of some sort. I would argue that the more complex the feeling, the better the portrait.

Here are a few pointers to what might help you create “better” non complex portraits.

1. Personality

Try to capture your subjects personality by provoking their natural being. Show makers have a natural tendency to act up. Enhance that as much as possible. More conservative people might need you to provoke them a tiny bit 😉


2. Location/Environment

Put your subjects into an environment that fits the look or feeling your going for. There are really no rules here, but think about it; Do you want your pictures to be soothing or provocative?



3. Motion

Even though photography is about that brief moment in time, its not like we can’t show movement. The display of energy is always interesting.




4. Colorful effects

Use colors and contrasts as a stopper! Experiment with contrasty colors to create a screaming stop effect or more humble tones for a soothing feel.




5. Lighting

Good lighting is key to everything when it comes to photography. The lighting you choose sets the starting point for what feeling you’re going for. In other words, everything starts with the light. Less is more is always a good starting point.




Thanks to Jon for this great guest blog, to find out more about Jon and his work, please visit his website

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