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X-Rite Introduces ColorChecker Video & ColorChecker Passport Video


by Sandra Kehoe – October 22nd, 2015

X-Rite Pantone introduces ColorChecker Targets for VIDEO!


X-Rite has long been a provider of color management solutions for the still photographer. As the digital revolution continues we are expanding into the world of professional video with the NEW ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video. Whether a novice or seasoned professional, innovations in camera technology, editing software and color management tools make it easier than ever to take control of your color from capture to edit. ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video targets deliver consistent, predictable and repeatable results, frame to frame and camera to camera, reducing video editing time, improving color balance control and simplifying editing for mixed lighting conditions.

Achieving proper exposure in video can be challenging and ColorChecker Video targets help you quickly dial in an exposure that will give your editor or colorist an easier time matching cameras or lighting conditions in postproduction. Whether filmmakers do their own color grading or engage a colorist, whether they shoot or direct, using ColorChecker Video targets saves time and gets the filmmaker to an ideal place quicker so they can spend more time on their creative ‘look’.



ColorChecker Passport Video

ColorChecker Passport Video delivers all-in-one pocket-sized convenience in a rugged hard case with four different targets:

• A color reference for evaluating specific chromatic colors aligned with video production, including skin tones, gray balance and highlights and shadows.

• White balance for creating a consistent neutral white point, eliminating the need to correct each frame later.CCPPV_Focus_Tent

• 3-step grayscale target that includes white highlight, 40 IRE mid-tone gray and saturated black references.

• A focus target that facilitates center and edge focus.




ColorChecker Video

ColorChecker Video’s larger format is great for camera checks, and for wider shots, both in studio and on location. It includes:

• Two series of grayscale patches: 7 smaller patches for even gray balance with extra steps close to the highlight and shadow regions, and 4 larger gray level rectangles, including a high gloss black, that are easily recognized by the camera CCVideo_Front_Back

• A range of skin tone patches from light to dark along the outer edge for easy alignment. • A series of saturated and de-saturated chromatic colors allowing for appropriate color and saturation adjustments.

• A full size white balance target on the reverse side.


Third Party Software Support

The ColorChecker brand from X-Rite has enjoyed a positive reputation in the photo market for nearly 40 years. Now, the ColorChecker targets for video bring that unique color science to the world of video, delivering versatility on set and improved productivity in editing. Professionals and hobbyist filmmakers using Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, and other video editing software will be able to take advantage of ColorChecker targets specifically tuned for video production.

X-Rite is working with a number of software companies to integrate support for the new video ColorCheckers directly into their color grading functionality:

• Color Finale by Color Grading Central – plug in for Final Cut Pro X, Q4 2015

• DaVinci Resolve by Black Magic – free and paid color grading software, Q4 2015 – Q1 2016

• Spectracal CalMAN – video monitor calibration software – October 2015


ColorChecker Video and ColorChecker Passport Video are available for pre-order at B&H and FilmTools.

For more information about X-Rite solutions for photo and video, please visit xritephoto.com and xritevideo.com





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