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Color Finale Supports X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video


by Sandra Kehoe – December 2nd, 2015

Easy, accurate color correction for video.

Color Finale from Color Grading Central is the first color grading solution for video to fully support X-Rite’s new ColorChecker Passport Video target. When the target is included in shot setup, the Color Finale plug-in for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X can automatically perform color corrections to adjust for color temperature issues, variances among cameras and other color biases that can occur during video shoots. This reduces color correction time and improves overall color quality, allowing filmmakers to more quickly get to an ideal color balance for their desired creative look.

By simply inserting the ColorChecker Video Passport into the frame prior to the ‘take,’ Color Finale removes all of the guesswork from color correction in post so that filmmakers can feel confident that they are achieving a good color-accurate starting point from which they can then apply a creative look.

Color Finale supports two modes of operation. For users that have a very basic understanding of color spaces, there are default options that make Color Finale easy to use for great results without requiring an in-depth knowledge of color management. For more experienced users, there is additional color space and camera support beyond the defaults for even greater accuracy. A FREE update for Color Finale users will be released adding support for the chart during a public beta period.


ColorChecker Passport Video

ColorChecker Passport Video, now available from Color Grading Central and other X-Rite partners, delivers all-in-one pocket-sized convenience in a rugged hard case with four different targets:

  • A color reference for evaluating specific chromatic colors aligned with video production, including skin tones, gray balance and highlights and shadows.
  • White balance for creating a consistent neutral white point, eliminating the need to correct each frame later.
  • 3-step grayscale target that includes white highlight, 40 IRE mid-tone gray and saturated black references.
  • A focus target that facilitates center and edge focus.

For nearly 40 years, photographers have depended on the X-Rite ColorChecker brand for optimum results. Now we are bringing that same level of confidence to the world of video with a fully functional and very affordable color target solution. Color Grading Central is the first of many color grading and video editing solutions that will be supporting these targets as we move into 2016.

For more information about X-Rite solutions for photo and video, please visit xritephoto.com and www.xritevideo.com.

Color Finale color_finale_color_grading_fcpx

For more information about solutions from Color Grading Central, including Color Finale, visit www.colorgradingcentral.com.


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5 responses to “Color Finale Supports X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video”

  1. Emil says:


    Can you use a photo color checker for video?

  2. Help !!!
    I’m an editor and I’m stuck : an operator has used colorchecler for PHOTO !!! how could I insert a colorchecker chart for photo in Colorfinale on FCPX ??? can’t find the way ???
    It’s absolutely not the same chart !!!!!!

    Many thanx !!!!


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