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Humanae – A photographic project by Angelica Dass


by Dave Mobbs – May 23rd, 2016


Angelica Dass is a Brazilian born photographer, currently living in Spain. Her work in progress is project Humanae, which is a look at our preconceptions around human skin color and has captured the imagination of cities, exhibitions, schools and most recently given her the opportunity to speak at TED.

At X-Rite, we’re a little bit obsessed with color and photography! Whether that’s our 40 year old ColorChecker which has been defining how photographers see color for a generation, or the fact that we are part of the same business as Pantone, who are synonymous with color worldwide. So when we saw the Humanae project, we wanted to get in touch with Angelica and find out a bit more.


Angelica grew up in a family where color wasn’t a factor, grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and adopted brothers and sisters were of all different races and colors. Inevitably though, when outside of her family environment, the color of her skin became a factor, this, to Angelica was surprising as that the time and intriguing as she grew older. Humanae, is a project which looks at our perceptions of color.

The Photography

The photography of the people Angelica shoots is extremely simple. It’s deliberate. Whether you’re from the Favellas in Brazil, or a statesman from Spain, Humanae is about getting to the essence of the person. Each shot, is taken on a white background with a single soft box and reflector. The aim to make the portrait, the face, the skin color do all the talking.


The fact that Angelica weighs just 7 stone (98 pounds), means that carrying a minimum of equipment is also important!

The result

Each portrait, depicted against a Pantone Color, shows us that color preconceptions and definitions, particularly when it comes to the color of someone skin are ‘skin deep’

Take a look at the thousands of portraits completed by Angelica as part of the Humanae project.


To understand more about the meaning of Humanae, and to hear from angelica herself, you watch her TED Talk here:



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