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Communicating with Color and Light


by Sandra Kehoe – February 28th, 2017

A guest blog by Caroline Jensen 

Caroline_Jensen_300 headshotCaroline Jensen is an award-winning photographic artist and Educator living on the wild prairie of Southern Minnesota with her husband, four children and many pets. She is a natural light photographer specializing in emotive black and white portraiture, macro and colorful landscapes. She is a SONY Artisan, an X-Rite Coloratti and an Educator at the Click Photo School.


Color is powerful. The way we use color, or the way we limit it, color helps us communicate our feelings in ways that words cannot.



My joy comes in helping others become fluent in editing their images to reflect their message, and how they choose to use color is a key component. Very often there is more than one ‘right’ answer to a color question.

Caroline_Jensen_Pink Wash over the farm-07537

Cool tones often represent physical coolness, where warm tones might relate the opposite, but that is not always the case. I encourage starting from a base of correct white balance and then moving past that to use color to enhance your story.

Caroline_Jensen_Portrait Annika copy

From portraits to food, and landscapes to macro, color is a powerful communicator. It evokes emotion and becomes part of the narrative of the image.

Caroline Jensen-Lemon Cookies copy

Caroline uses X-Rite  ColorMunki Display to ensure her monitor displays colors accurately. An easy to use, invaluable tool for photographers and creatives, ColorMunki Display calibrates your desktop monitor, laptop display and mobile device displays to ensure you see colors accurately on your screen. Taking the guess work out of editing, it  saves you time and money and ColorMunki Display helps ensure your prints match the image on your screen. Learn more at xritephoto.com

Caroline is teaching a month-long workshop: Communicating with Color and Light, which focuses on the manipulation of color and light in Lightroom and ACR. Move beyond basic processing and learn how to process your images to evoke emotion. Learn foundational color theory and psychology to help you understand the how and why behind the choices you make. Learn to push boundaries as you cover topics such as creative curves, dodging and burning, manipulating texture and color enhancement. Learn more here.

Caroline_Jensen_Boy Wrapped in Blanket Untangling Yarn Caroline_Jensen_Gallery_Grecian Light


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