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X-Rite Coloratti Photos of the Week – October 2017


by Dave Mobbs – October 31st, 2017

This month, we shared the work of our X-Rite Coloratti Photos of the Week.  For October 2017 we featured photographers Joan Boira, Antonio Gaudencio and Paul Biddle on our Facebook and Twitter channels.


X-Rite Coloratti Joan Boira - Aragorn 3

©2017 Joan Boira

Joan Boira – “Aragorn” 

Joan Boira is a professional photographer and trainer based in Barcelona. His latest photography series,  “Aragorn,” is based on Lord of the Rings. This project involved finding the perfect character, props, costumes and lighting to replicate the original footage. Once the model, clothing and props had been chosen, the next stage was to light the studio. Joan chose two Profoto B2 flashes to light the model’s face and two Profoto B1 flashlights with a gold reflector to light to front.

“To perform the session, I used a Nikon D750 camera as it has high resolution, full size sensors and high dynamic range for excellent image quality,” explains Joan. Colour was key for this shoot as Joan wanted to make sure that the images were accurate to the original footage. Colour management was handled by the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo and all screens were calibrated with the i1Display Pro.


X-Rite Coloratti Antonio Gaudencio Lavender Field Valensole Provence France

©2017 Antonio Gaudencio

 Antonio Gaudencio – “Lavender Field Valensole, Provence, France”

Photographer, digital specialist and editor, Antonio Gaudencio features this month with his image “Lavender Field Valensole Provence France”. Antonio captured the stunning image using the Canon EOS 5D Mark III accompanied with the EF17-40mm f/4L USM.

“When looking for an angle, towards the end of June, I was stunned by a lonely tree in the middle of this lavender field, ideal for a backlight at sunset. I did away with the rule of 1/3, put it right in the middle, [and] worked on the perspective using the rows of lavender. Nature enriched the shoot, offering a beautifully textured sky. Colour treatment is an essential part of my work and my universe as a landscape photographer passionate about light and colour. I paid specific attention to the blue and magenta hues, enhancing their density without adding too much saturation,” explains Antonio.


X-Rite Coloratti Paul Briddle - Hanging Cabbage

©2017 Paul Briddle

X-Rite Coloratti Paul Briddle - Still Life with Thief

©2017 Paul Briddle

Paul Biddle – The Paranoia of Fruit and Veg

Award-winning photographer Paul Biddle is inspired by objects that he has found in nature or junk shops and these objects are then brought to life with light, form, surface and capture. His latest series “The Paranoia of Fruit and Veg” includes the image “Hanging Cabbage”. This photo was shot on Sinar 8” x 10” film as a homage to the 17th century Spanish still life painter Juan Sanchez Cotan. “I constructed the set in my studio out of old wood planks and painted the background with pure artists pigment to achieve such saturated intense colour. The composition is based on a parabola curve and was lit with large soft box and light painting” comments Paul.

The second image, “Life with Thief”, was shot using a digital camera with natural light. Paul decided to construct the small set in his studio, again using wooden planks and background. “The ivory hand of the thief was photographed in the Ashmolean museum and was added in Photoshop to complete the composition,” adds Paul.

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