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Every Picture Tells a Story: Vincent Versace


by Alan Winslow – November 2nd, 2017

X-Rite Coloratti Vincent Versace sits down to discuss the making of the i1Studio campaign image, his process, and his thoughts on color management

I met Vincent a couple of years ago while we were both teaching at the Palm Beach Photographic Centre during the FotoFusion festival. Sitting in on his class I was impressed not only by his photographic skills but also in the way he taught photography. Over the years we’ve become friends, and he’s been there for me with advice, support or just an ear to listen. We are excited to hear and share what he has to say about his process, the making of the i1Studio campaign image, and his thoughts on color management. So here we go!


Being “Taken” by the Photograph

What is special about Vincent is his philosophy photography. When asked about his approach he let us in on a couple of great secrets.

“I think the big secret in photography is you don’t pose them (speaking about his subjects). You let them pose themselves. There can only be one way if it’s spontaneous and that’s truthful. So what I want are spontaneous photographs in which people are truthful, and I get that moment of abandon. The moment of not hiding.”

We wondered how a photographer gets into a position to catch that moment of “not hiding,” to put one’s self in a position to take this kind of powerful photograph.  “I don’t take the pictures,” he said. “As Ernst Haas said, the picture takes me. I think that all the great photographers like Haas, Bresson, Sudeck, and Maisel, all of them, were taken by the photograph. They didn’t take a photograph.”

X-Rite Coloratti Vincent Versace

@2017 Vincent Versace

The Story Behind the Photograph

We wanted to know the story behind the photo featured on the new i1Studio campaign. If every picture tells a story, we wanted to know the story behind this image. We wanted to know why the man had his face buried in his hand.

“I was working in Morocco going around looking for pictures, and the power of emotion from this guy was so strong that I turned around. The emotion that I witnessed him having took me. What I love about that picture is we can feel the emotion. We know that there’s a moment before and that there’s a moment after and what we see in this photograph is the moment in between those moments.”

Why everyone should rely on a color calibrated workflow

Vincent is known for not only his creativity and photographic skills but how technically proficient he is throughout his entire process. So we asked,  “Why should everyone rely on a color calibrated workflow?”

“Well, the reason why everybody should rely on a  color calibrated workflow is that the best part of us is what? The images that we leave behind. What’s going to outlast you? Good enough is not good enough if we have decided … photography speaks to us, and this is the way we need to creatively express ourselves. That means we have made a statement about what we want to do in life.” Getting the color, contrast, and luminance right in the edited file or the print is the finished version of any image. To convey the essence of our vision, we have to control the finished image so that it tells the story we want to tell as perfectly as possible with a color-calibrated workflow. “You do your heart, soul, and spirit a disservice by not taking it as far as it can be taken.”

More About Vincent Versace

X-Rite Coloratti Vincent Versace

X-Rite Coloratti Vincent Versace

Vincent Versace is an internationally recognized photographer and educator. He has been awarded the Computerworld Smithsonian Award in Media Arts & Entertainment, and the Shellenberg Fine Art award. His work has been seen prestigious publications like The New York Times, Outdoor Photography, American Photo and collected by the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American History. He is also the author multiple best selling books. It’s safe to say that he’s had a stellar career.

Among all of his accomplishments, X-Rite is honored to have Vincent as an X-Rite Coloratti and the photographer behind the i1Studio’s new campaign. We here at X-Rite want to thank Vincent for taking the time to discuss his photography with us and for all the years of incredible images that we get to enjoy!

If you will be in the NYC area and would like to hear more about Vincent’s work and process make sure to sign up for the free B&H Event Space presentation on November 14, 2017. CLICK HERE to register to attend online or in person!

Vincent Versace: Why Color Management Matters with the Wizard of OZ




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