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Easy Color Management X-Rite ColorMunki Display


by Alan Winslow – December 1st, 2017

Easy color management ColorMunki DisplayLooking for easy color management for your monitors and projectors? X-Rite ColorMunki Display is the tool for you! Maybe you are new to color management. Or perhaps you like simple, easy to use wizard driven screens that take the hassle out of profiling.

Why Calibrate?

Most monitors come out of the box very bright and slightly cool or blue. First, calibrate your monitor to ensure your prints match your monitor. If you’re tired of spending time editing your images only to have prints come back from a lab or from your printer looking dark and dull, ColorMunki Display can change your digital editing life! Calibrating and profiling your monitor ensures that what you see on your screen is an accurate representation of the color, contrast, and luminance in the file. So you can be confident when you’re editing. Furthermore, you’ll know that what your customer will see in print or on a calibrated monitor of their own will be exactly what you intended to portray in your artistic vision. It’s important to calibrate and profile regularly to account for electronic “drift” that can happen with any monitor.

Easy Color Management for Displays and Projectors

ColorMunki Display’s state of the art colorimeter takes the guesswork out of color management. And the easy to use wizard-driven software takes the frustration out of your workflow. Plug and play software gives you step by step instructions. In addition, how-to videos step you through calibrating your monitors and projectors in a snap. X-Rite ColorMunki Display has you covered no matter what type of monitor you use: LCD, LED, Standard or Wide Gamut.

Easy color management ColorMunki Display

In addition, use the software in advanced mode to further refine your color management settings.  And ColorMunki Display now includes video presets for those who edit both still images and video footage. Want to use the ColorTrue app to profile your iOS devices? Now ColorMunki Display does that as well.

Limited Time Offer USA

Easy color management ColorMunki DisplayFor a limited time, December 1-31, 2017 consumers in the USA get a 25.00 Instant Rebate from authorized X-Rite dealers and online sellers. This is a great opportunity to bring easy color management into your workflow that’s easy on your wallet. ColorMunki Display is already a great value. And ColorMunki Display is a perfect holiday gift for any photographer on your holiday gift giving list. Calibrating and profiling your monitor is THE most important point to begin getting control of your color workflow.

X-Rite ColorMunki Display is one of the many tools in the X-Rite color management family.  X-Rite helps you achieve perfect color across your devices. So color manage your complete workflow from capture to print. Visit xritephoto.com for more information.

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