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The i1Studio Monitor Calibration Tutorial by Photographer and Educator Yaneck Wasiek


by Alan Winslow – December 21st, 2017


Yaneck and Sasha

Our friend Yaneck of WASIO photography sent over a fantastic tutorial on how to use the X-Rite i1Studio monitor calibration module. Yaneck is the owner of WASIO photography an international destinations wedding company based in Chicago and San Diego.

He has been photographing for over 20 years specializing in wedding and portrait work for the last five years. Originally from Warsaw, Poland, his work is strongly influenced by European art and architecture. Most importantly, he has an absolute love for people in love that he expresses through wedding and portrait work.

In the video, Yaneck breaks down all the steps to get perfect color on any monitor in a fun and exciting way. So if you’re new to color management or if you are a seasoned veteran, Yaneck has a tip for you. First, take a look at this video.

i1Studio Monitor Calibration

You can see more of the beautiful work he creates at wasiophotography.com


©2017 Yaneck Wasiek


©2017 Yaneck Wasiek


©2017 Yaneck Wasiek


©2017 Yaneck Wasiek

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