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Affinity Photo Workflow – with Coloratti Martin Dörsch


by Dave Mobbs – January 19th, 2018

Coloratti Martin Dörsch was the host of our most recent webinar on Affinity Photo Workflow. In this webinar, Martin demonstrated common workflow techniques that professional photographers use within Affinity Photo.

Find out Martin’s thoughts on Affinity Photo in our post below.

First look

I’ve been using Affinity Photo for Mac desktop for about a year. I wanted to see how it compared with other photography software. Needless to say, I was immediately impressed with its features.

I personally love that it is absolutely focused on photography and a photographer’s needs. It provides you with the essential tools and gets them absolutely right, rather than cramming in lots of unnecessary features.

Toolset and features

The toolset is fast, creative and flexible, suitable for both for beginners and professionals.

There are many features that I like and use all the time. For instance, I like that it has built-in frequency separation, and that the filters can be applied as live-filters.

In addition, it gives you flexibility so you can change your edits after.

Top tips

If you were to ask me for a top-tip, the gradient map gives you a really powerful tool for creating different looks. You can remap the color for your image in the gradient map adjustment layer.

Gradient Map

Gradient Map












Moreover, you can make dark areas more blue and light areas more yellow-white. You can really play with colours and looks. Also, another tip is to change the blend mode to soft light!

Soft Light










Equally, a more practical thing to remember is that most editing tools can’t read native Affinity Photo files. So, when saving files, remember to export your finished project as a TIFF file.

Is Affinity Photo right for you?

I train people on various photo-editing systems, including Affinity Photo. I also demonstrate alternative workflows, depending on what the photographer needs. For some, the subscription model can be impractical or not desirable. If you’re working with Capture One or other RAW editors, then Affinity Photo will be your perfect alternative editor for retouching.

I would encourage any budding or professional photographers to try Affinity Photo. I think you will love it!

If you missed Martin’s webinar, we have good news: the recording is now available to watch on demand. All you need to do is click and register using the button below.

X-Rite Webinar

Color Management solutions

Alongside Affinity Photo’s tools, X-Rite’s ColorChecker is my go-to colour management tool. I also use the i1Display tool for calibration,  that works excellent.

Exclusive Offer

X-Rite has teamed up with Serif, creators of Affinity Photo, to offer you an exclusive deal. Every purchase of selected X-Rite products made between 1st January and 31st March 2018 will qualify for a free software download of Affinity Photo for macOS or Windows desktop worth £48.99 / €54.99/$49.99.

Not only will you be able to view images with perfect colour using X-Rite’s range of colour management and calibration products, but you will also be able to edit like a pro using Affinity Photo.

Selected X-Rite products are:

  1.   i1Display Pro
  2.   i1Photographer Kit
  3.   ColorChecker Passport Photo
  4.   ColorMunki Display
  5.   ColorMunki Photographer Kit


To claim your free Affinity Photo software, just follow these simple steps:

  • Purchase any qualifying X-Rite product
  • If you’re a customer in North America, please complete this form 
  • If you’re a customer in Europe, please complete this form
  • Make sure to upload a copy of your receipt
  • Activate your Affinity Photo Software

Martin DorschMore about Martin Dorsch

Martin is a software trainer, photographer, media designer and Coloratti Pro based in Austria. He works for companies like Wacom and Eizo as trainer and partner. Additionally, he teaches photography and digital workflow at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Pölten, Austria. Check out his website here.

For more information on color management tools available to photographers and videographers, visit xritephoto.com.


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    Hi Mohamed, you will find a more detailed explanation by watching Martin’s webinar. Just click on the X-Rite webinar button to watch. Thank you.

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