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Coloratti News : Sanjay Jogia at WPPI 2018


by Dave Mobbs – February 22nd, 2018

Weddings are a one-time event, so the wedding photographer has to prepare for anything and everything. Not only that, but the days when carefully orchestrated portraits were in fashion are long gone.
This is why it’s the photographer’s duty to keep searching for new ideas, poses and angles to ensure that the newlyweds are happy with the pictures on their big day.

Desert Rose © 2017 Sanjay Jogia

Wedding & Portrait Photography at WPPI Expo in Las Vegas


For many wedding photographers, the annual Wedding & Portrait Photography expo in Las Vegas is the most anticipated event of the year.

Founded as WPA in 1973, WPPI launched in 1981 and is devoted to the special interests and needs of wedding and portrait photographers.

Each year, over 13,000 professional photographers and imaging professionals register to attend WPPI to learn new techniques from industry leaders and build new relationships to grow their business. In addition, attendees can experiment with new products from major manufacturers. Not to mention, they can use Las Vegas as a backdrop to expand their skillsets and portfolios!

© 2017 Sanjay Jogia

Evolve or Evaporate with Sanjay Jogia at WPPI Conference, February 27th, from 8 am


We are so excited to announce that one of this year’s seminar speakers is Coloratti Sanjay Jogia. Sanjay’s seminar “Evolve or Evaporate” will take place on Tuesday, the 27th of February, 08:00 AM – 2:00 PM. He will discuss what inspires him, how he poses and lights his couples. For the most part, he will talk about how to form a reliable process that you can consistently call upon for inspiration and direction in your imagery.

With the help of models, Sanjay will demonstrate his posing techniques. He will also reveal that it’s not always necessary to have dozens of poses and lighting setups at each wedding.  He’ll also cover lighting, light shaping and different light sources and how he uses them.

Subtle Details © 2017 Sanjay Jogia

“Sometimes you just need to know how to create and refine a handful of beautiful, elegant and effective poses to a very high standard with emotion, and then shape the light to perfect it”.

In addition, Sanjay will reveal which X-Rite products he uses at each and every shoot. He will also have some surprises for seminar attendees, so don’t waste any more time and register today.

“Evolve or Evaporate” with Sanjay Jogia, register here

© 2017 Sanjay Jogia

More about Sanjay Jogia


Our Coloratti grew up with a culture of photography.  His father worked at the local Kodak factory for 35 years. Sanjay himself worked there as a student making 35mm film.  This constant photographic environment and his own creative curiosity mean he developed his own style from a young age.

Sanjay and his wife Roshni Jogia run a successful WPPI & SWPP award winning luxury destination wedding photography business in London. He’s been recently featured as one of the 6 Best Wedding Photographers in the World by Professional Photographer Magazine.

Website:  www.eyejogia.com

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