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X-Rite’s Top 5 Trends for 2018


by Dave Mobbs – February 1st, 2018

  1. Black and White

According to Rachel Talibart, Black and White Photographer of the Year, timeless black and white photography will be one of the ruling trends in 2018. The best black and white photography emphasises the differences between elements in a scene. Additionally, it should be easy to manipulate further in post production. This trend has been in place for a while, but will continue to grow in popularity in 2018. With this in mind, X-Rite has introduced the i1Studio with a dedicated Black and White profiling feature. This ensures the highest quality results for black and white prints, resulting in smooth highlight and shadow details.

Kevin Mullins – Keelan Wedding


  1. Vivid Color

Photographer Dennis Scott Carruthers reports that vivid color is going to make a comeback this year. Photographers are starting to play with bold colourful tones combined with high contrast. This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year is Ultra Violet which communicates originality and visionary thinking. The blue-based purple color will be popular in 2018 for designers and brands. In order to ensure colour accuracy, photographers and filmmakers will need to regularly calibrate their monitors. In addition, they should use a colour management tool. X-Rite’s i1Display Pro can be used to achieve the highest level of on-screen colour accuracy for all displays with a custom designed RGB filter set.

Paloma Rincon – Disco Melon


  1. Home Printing

Francesco Gola, an X-Rite Coloratti Ambassador believes that home printing will become more popular as it offers users cost and time advantages. As a result, the niche market for printing services will continue to decrease in 2018. Perfect colour management is essential when matching colours from the monitor to the output of the printer. X-Rite’s new i1Studio is equipped with printer profiling, so users can print a pattern of coloured patches and scan them in with the i1Studio hardware. This helps both photographers and filmmakers to save time and money when delivering perfect print results for customers.

Francesco Gola

  1. Unfiltered Images

In a culture where people can easily fix flaws using filters, photographers are shooting clean, unfiltered images. Digital Arts has predicted that in 2018, this trend will continue to grow and photographers will look for ways to shoot real images without excessive post production or using editing apps. Therefore, photographers are investing in high quality equipment that will help them to produce stunning raw images that don’t need editing or additional filters. To reduce time spent in post-production, X-Rite’s range of ColorChecker Targets can be used as reference to ensure predictable standards in all lighting conditions and minimises trial and error colour adjustments.

Martin Dorsch – Christiane at the Marina

  1. Growth of Video

FStop Lounge states that we will also see the continued growth of video in 2018, specifically the combination of stills and video shoots. Commercial clients are demanding content that is more engaging and often from the first-person perspective. It’s important to make sure you involve the viewers in the moment. The demand of all types of video including 4K, 360 images and VR/AR has also contributed to the growth.  For filmmakers, X-Rite offers ColorChecker Video Targets and monitor calibration tools. These solutions make sure filmmakers video production and editing workflows is faster, more consistent and more colour balanced.

ColorChecker Video

ColorChecker Video

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