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X-Rite Coloratti Photo of the Week – July 2018


by Dave Mobbs – July 30th, 2018

July has come and gone (too quickly!) and it’s time for our monthly Coloratti Photo of the Week wrap-up. This month we shared with you our favourite images from our Coloratti Ambassadors on Facebook and Twitter. In July, it was the turn of landscape photographer Francesco Gola, wedding photographer Sanjay Jogia and commercial photographer Paloma Rincón.

Francesco Gola – Black Water


Based in Italy, Francesco Gola started taking pictures a few years ago and immediately fell in love with the “endless borders of the inner frame”. In addition to shooting landscape photography, Francesco also helps other photographers develop their creative vision.  That is why he offers one-to-one or group workshops various European destinations.

Francesco captured the image “Black Water” in the Isle of Lewis, Outer Hebrides. The gear he used: a Nikon D810, Zeiss Distagon 18mm, NiSi Filters and Rollei Tripod.

Francesco Gola © Black Water

Francesco Gola © Black Water

He adds “It was a rainy day on the Isle of Lewis with low chances of a coloured sunset. Then, suddenly the sunbeams started to filter in the cloud creating a surreal atmosphere”. Francesco always carries with him the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo to ensure he captures accurate colours.

Sanjay Jogia – Waiting for James


If you’ve read this blog before, you’ll l know that Coloratti Sanjay Jogia is a very successful, award-winning wedding photographer. Based in London, but with an international client base, Sanjay specialises in Asian and Indian wedding photography.

He captured this month’s featured image “Waiting for James” using a Canon 1DX Mark II with Canon EF 70-200L f/2.8 @ 1/125sec, f/8, ISO 320. The image was lit using two Profoto B1’s modified with a gridded beauty dish and a griddled zoom reflector.

Sanjay Jogia © Waiting for James

Sanjay Jogia © Waiting for James

“I wanted to create a portrait of the bride within the arch of this loggia, using the plant growth to frame the image. This meant that she would be in the shade. Therefore, I needed to set her off using modified strobe light, without overpowering the ambient light. The colour palette was an important factor here because her clothing is so vibrant! It was vital that the environment didn’t compete with her. I created a camera profile in that specific environment using the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo to manage the issue”.

Paloma Rincon – Polos


Coloratti Paloma Rincón is a Madrid-based photographer working worldwide, from commercial assignment for large companies to more experimental and personal projects. Her artistic style is marked by bold colours, graphic compositions and unexpected juxtapositions. In her photography, Paloma approaches products, props and people from an unusual point of view to redefine their meaning. This month’s featured image is part of Paloma’s series Photo Infographies.  

This image represents how the ice poles are melting due to climate change.

Paloma Rincon © Polos

Paloma Rincon © Polos

“Colour is one of my main tools and it’s part of my creative approach as I use it to create meaning. I usually work on a colour palette for every project from the beginning using X-Rite products to ensure that the colours are reproduced perfectly” adds Paloma.

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