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X-Rite Coloratti Photo of the Week – September 2018


by Dave Mobbs – September 25th, 2018

This month we shared the work of our talented Coloratti on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. This September, the images featured were as diverse as the first month of autumn, ranging from spectacular landscapes, fun and colourful projects, to glamorous beauty portraits. Keep reading if you want to find out the stories behind this month’s Coloratti pictures of the week.


  1. Antonio Gaudencio – The sun after the storm

“I love to shoot in conditions of complex light and unstable climate. I find that the results are always impressive. The clouds, the waves and the sunset are elements that make up my world of landscape photography”.

Antonio captured this terrific shot on the Portuguese island of Madeira, using a Canon EOS 5D MK3 / Ef 16-35mm f/2.8 II.

Antonio Gaudencio © The sun after the storm

Antonio Gaudencio © The sun after the storm

Antonio’s collaborated with many Parisian agencies before becoming independent and moving to Portugal to pursue his personal projects and his passion for travel photography. Just earlier this month, we teamed up with Antonio once again and a fantastic webinar resulted, on the basics of colour management. The webinar is in French and you can watch it here.


  1. Paloma Rincon – Fruit Tiles

Our Madrid-based Coloratti, Paloma Rincon has worked on a variety of commercial projects, for worldwide brands like Ikea, Vodafone, Samsung and Toyota, but it’s her personal projects that showcase just how ingenious, and fun she is as a photographer. By merging colour, shapes and objects you wouldn’t usually find in the same picture, Paloma  brings her ideas to life.

Paloma Rincon © Fruit tiles

Paloma Rincon © Fruit tiles

In this month’s featured image called “Fruit tiles”, Paloma plays with the natural shape of fruit. She makes them geometric to match squared tiles, used as containers, revealing its volume through shadows.

You can view more of Paloma’s personal projects here: www.palomarincon.com/



  1. Neil Snape – private lesson on beauty

Coloratti Neil Snape shot this image during a private lesson on beauty.  For this shot he used a Canon 5DMKIII 100mm macro L IS, shot at f2.8 ISO 100 hand held. Believe it or not, this image had zero retouching. In fact, Neil prefers keeping retouching to a minimum and instead focuses on the light, and what it can bring to the subjects.

Neil Snape © 2018

Neil Snape © 2018

Since moving to Paris from Vancouver, Neil’s opened his own studio in the 15th arrondissement, where you can find a limited selection of images in portfolio galleries; detailed beauty close-ups, beauty photography, combined beauty with fashion, still life, and portraits. More about Neil and his art here: www.neilsnape.com


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