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Guest Filmmaker Eduardo Angel Discusses Exposure


by Alan Winslow – October 30th, 2018


Our good friend and X-Rite Coloratti Eduardo Angel has just posted a new article on his blog called Waveforms over Histograms, any day of the week. It’s a great article


About Eduardo Angel

Eduardo Angel
Eduardo is an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, a consultant on digital imaging workflows, producer of educational and technical content, and presenter. A sample of his clients includes Adobe, the Brooklyn Museum, Canon, Lynda.com, World Wildlife Foundation, TED, and The New York Times to name a few.

Today’s Topic

When it comes to exposure, there are two mainstream approaches. One can expose to the right or expose for middle grey. “Exposing to the right” (also known as ETTR) is typically achieved by using a histogram.  Exposing for middle grey is best achieved by using a waveform monitor. Eduardo prefers to use the second approach, exposing for middle grey. He also discusses why he relies heavily on his X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video on every single shoot.

Guest Artist Eduardo Angel Discusses Exposure

©Eduardo Angel 2018

“We can’t merely judge exposure by looking at the image, so we MUST understand where the values for that particular camera should fall, and there’s no better way to ‘measure’ them than the exact values provided by a X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video and evaluate those values using a waveform monitor.”-Eduardo Angel.

To read the remainder of the post, head over to his site Waveforms over Histograms, any day of the week.

Further Education

Eduardo will be presenting a series of film-making workshops in Europe which are all given in English.

October 21 in Porto, Portugal – “Storytelling building blocks” Masterclass

What can Pixar, Ira Glass, and Beyoncé have in common? For the first time, Emmy Award-winning Eduardo Angel shares his most personal (and sometimes unlikely) sources of inspiration. The one common thread is Eduardo’s ultimate passion; to enhance his craft as a storyteller.
Sign up or find out more here- www.portophotofest.com

November 10-11 in Lisbon, Portugal- Color photo Workshop “From Video Pre-Production to Post in 12 hours.”

Sign up or find out more here – www.colorfoto.pt

Finally, to take a look at all the X-Rite products that Color Perfectionists like Eduardo rely on join us at xritephoto.com. Be sure to check out X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Video so you can enjoy more time shooting and less time sitting at a computer trying to match video clips from multiple cameras and more!

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