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Conversation with Coloratti Matthew Jordan Smith


by Alan Winslow – October 12th, 2018

A Sit Down with Coloratti Matthew Jordan Smith

© Matthew Jordan Smith

A while back we had the opportunity to sit down with Matthew Jordan Smith in the studio after he wrapped up a shoot. It’s always a pleasure to chat with and learn from working professionals especially ones as friendly and outgoing as Matthew.

In this short video, you can hear him discuss:

  • What he thinks is the hardest part of any shoot.
  • The three components that bring a picture to life.
  • How color evokes emotion in an image.
  • And much more…

But first a little about Matthew. He is an American photographer working between Tokyo and New York City. He’s known for his celebrity portraits of people like Tyra Banks, Oprah Winfrey, Aretha Franklin, and Queen Latifah to name a few. When he’s not shooting editorial and commercial work, he focuses his spare time on personal projects like his book Future American President; 50 States, 100 Families, Infinite Dreams.

Enjoy the video below and take a look at all the X-Rite products that Color Perfectionists like Matthew rely on here.

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