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FASCINATOR – A fashion project created by the Maria Ward School, Bamberg


by Dave Mobbs – November 17th, 2018

Earlier this month we shared a picture from Coloratti Jürgen Strahm from his project “Fascinator”. Today we are sharing the wonderful story behind our Photo of the Week. Read below to find it out!

Everybody’s wearing hats!


To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Maria Ward School (1717-2017) in Bamberg, Germany, Coloratti Jürgen Strahm and friends helped develop a special project with the school students. With their help, students from the 7th and 9th grade became photographed fashion designers during their art classes. For this project, they had to design and create small hats or “Fascinators” inspired from around the world.

Colourful or black and white, small or wide-brimmed, crazy or elegant – every student designed something completely unique.

They wanted to create something that was truly inspired by the everyday life of a school girl. The different hats and their creators (each model is also the designer of the fascinator!) are featured in pictures in a limited-edition book, framed by a short story by Martin Beyer.

In “The Girl and The Hat” Martin tells the story of Marie, who struggled with being the new girl at school. Because of her unusual headgear, she was mocked and ridiculed a lot. This caused her much suffering until the most popular girl in school started wearing a similar hat as a fashion statement. That was when things began to change, thus trying to focus on and empowering the individuality of each and every young girl.

Corinna - Fasczinator © Jürgen Strahm

Corinna – Fasczinator © Jürgen Strahm

To support this, Jürgen didn’t rely on the norm of the over-the-top fashion retouching. In order to portray the girls’ youth in true form, Jürgen kept the editing as simplistic and natural as possible. What’s more, the use of the X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo ensured that they achieved accurate colour throughout the project and in the final photos.

They shot 42 portraits in total and compiled them into a limited-edition book. 

Laura - Fasczinator © Jürgen Strahm

Laura – Fasczinator © Jürgen Strahm

Lisa- Fasczinator © Jürgen Strahm

Lisa- Fasczinator © Jürgen Strahm


Technical Information:

Equipment: shot with Hasselblad + PhaseOne 80MP

Equipment: X-Rite ColorChecker Passport –  used for white balance and colour accuracy

Retouching: the goal was not to use fashion-type retouching and to keep the work consistent Jürgen did primarily colour changes and dust removal.

Teacher: Irmin Pitrof-Schubert

School: www.maria-ward-realschule-bamberg.de


Limited Book-Edition: 100 Expl. – only a few left. Price 25€. Printed Climate neutral

Published by zellenkur.de

Creative Director: Jürgen Strahm

Photography: Jürgen Strahm, Max-Martin Steiner

Story: Dr. Martin Beyer (www.innovation-durch-sprache.de)

Book-Design: Uwe Simmrock (zellenkur.de)

Book sales, please contact – https://www.strahm.de/kontakt


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