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X-Rite Coloratti Photo of the Week – November 2018


by Dave Mobbs – November 29th, 2018

Another month of amazing Coloratti pictures is coming to an end. Read on to find out the stories behind our Photos of The Week this November. 

Ratko Asanović – Shiny candy


Coloratti Ratko is a multimedia designer, colour management expert, teacher and passionate photographer based in Serbia.

The story behind this month’s featured Coloratti Photo of the Week begins in the Old Town of Kotor, Montenegro. As Ratko was exploring the town, he walked in a small vintage shop where the mesmerising Turkish Lamps caught his eye.

“The lamps caught my attention since all are hand-made and they are so colourful; they look like shiny candy”.

Ratko Asanović © Shiny candy

Ratko Asanović © Shiny candy

Ratko was blown away by the beauty of Kotor and he can’t help recommend it: “[..] this place is beyond beautiful no matter the time of the day. So, if you’re planning your next summer vacation, the coast of Montenegro is really something you should consider, especially Kotor, Herceg Novi, Tivat…”


Jurgen Strahm – Fascinator


To celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Maria Ward School (1717-2017) in Bamberg, Germany, Coloratti Jürgen Strahm and friends helped develop a special project with the school students. With their help, students from the 7th and 9th grade became photographed fashion designers during their art classes.

For this project, they had to design and create small hats or “Fascinators” inspired from all around the world. Read the full story behind this image and the entire project in our blog post here.

Jurgen Strahm © Lisa -fascinator

Jurgen Strahm © Lisa – Fascinator


Esther Navalón Wamba– Offstage


Coloratti Esther Navalón Wamba is a Valencian photographer based in Barcelona, Spain. She works as a teacher and also does freelance photography jobs. She usually works with natural light, or the lighting conditions she finds on location.

This month’s featured image belongs to a project called “Offstage” that was exhibited in different locations in Spain. This photo project presents musicians in their “other job”, off-stage and out of recording studios. In this image we have Albert Guardia, waiter and sound technician in Heliogàbal, and drummer in Nueva Vulcano band.

Esther Navalón Wamba © Offstage

Esther Navalón Wamba © Offstage

“For this project, I met the musicians at his or hers work place. I then explored the possibilities about composition just with the space and light that I find in that moment. What’s really exciting is that in most cases I don’t know what I am going to find until the very last moment.

In my personal projects, I try to keep the colour as natural as possible and also include my personal touch, so I always have my screen profile updated using X-Rite’s i1Display Pro”.

Jacob James – Maramures


Coloratti Jacob James is a dedicated and passionate Humanitarian, Travel and Cultural documentary photographer, based in the UK. Jacob also has a slightly obsessive love for travelling. Throughout his journeys he aims to travel with minimal impact on the local areas. He even stays in low-cost family run accommodation, eating local food and traveling by local transport where possible.

This month’s featured image was taken in a village in Maramures, Romania.

Jacob James © Maramures, Romania

Jacob James © Maramures, Romania

“The low, diffused Autumnal late evening light in Maramures, makes for dramatic portraits of the villagers at the end of their working day during the tough weeks of the harvest season”.

“Romania is home to some of the last remaining medieval-esque peasant culture in Europe and so for photographers looking to find interesting subjects and traditions it is up there with the best Europe has to offer”.

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