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Camera ICC Profiles for Capture One Users!


by Brenda K. Hipsher – January 8th, 2019

Camera ICC Profiles

X-Rite Announces Public Beta Release of ICC Camera Profiles Software

Quickly and easily create custom ICC camera profiles for Capture One users. Download now to maintain consistent color control from capture to edit.

New York, NY – January 8, 2019 –  X-Rite Incorporated, the world leader in color management and measurement technologies (http://xritephoto.com/) announces a public beta release of ColorChecker Camera Calibration software v1.2, an updated version for photographers working with Capture One software that now includes TIFF file support.

Photographers can now create and save custom ICC camera profiles for virtually any lighting situation utilizing either an X-Rite ColorChecker Passport Photo or ColorChecker Classic target together with the X-Rite Camera Calibration software v1.2. Whether working in a DNG or ICC workflow, camera profiling ensures that a user can obtain accurate color at capture based on specific lighting, camera and lens combination during any given shoot, saving valuable time in edit.

“It’s been a long-standing request from Capture One users to be able to take advantage of our ColorChecker products to produce ICC camera profiles.” says Liz Quinlisk, Global Business Unit Manager, Photo & Video at X-Rite Incorporated. “It’s been something we’ve been working on and now our customers can immediately try out this pre-release software and provide feedback on any suggestions for improvement.”

Public beta software to create custom ICC camera profiles is now available free of charge. To register and download the software for Mac or PC and view a step-by-step instruction guide, simply go to xritephoto.com/cameraICC.

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2 responses to “Camera ICC Profiles for Capture One Users!”

  1. Julie Liang says:

    I would like to download a camera ICC profile.

    • Brenda K. Hipsher says:

      Camera ICC profiles are specific to the camera and exact lighting being used for a shot. Even moving one light can change the ICC profile. So it is not possible to provide “generic” ICC profiles. They need to be created for every lighting context.

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